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December 2021, Volume 71, Issue 12



Ammar Waham Ashor

Welcome to the supplementary issue of the 15th Annual Conference of the College of Medicine, Mustansiriyah University which was held in Baghdad on the 8th of April 2021. We received a good response from both national and international contributors (90 submissions). We followed strict criteria in the selection of the eligible studies. A large scientific committee primarily assessed all the submitted articles. Then a smaller scientific committee did a further filtration. The latter committee only selected the articles that followed the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association's (JPMA) strict criteria for publication. All the peer review process was in a double-blind manner. Final


Covid-19 in Iraq: Events and wisdom

Hayder M. Al-kuraishy  , Ali I. Al-Gareeb

The early months of the year 2020 witnessed the entry of COVID-19 in Iraq spreading terror among the public causing an exaggerated use of preventive measures by isolating patients in specialized centres, emphasizing social distancing, and imposing a comprehensive roaming ban to prevent and limit the spread of this pandemic.1 The social and economic impact was severe enough to cause a crisis.

In the beginning, the number of infected cases were low and did not exceed 100, but the social media somehow caused a tremendous hype by exaggerating the dangers of the disease, projecting fabricated cases and advising infected pe

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