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February 2019, Volume 69, Issue 1


Special JPMA Supplement


It gives us immense pleasure to share this special JPMA supplement with our readers, published as a supplement to the 4th AKU Annual Surgical Conference of the Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan. The theme of the meeting is 'Global Surgery,' and submissions were invited keeping this theme in mind. We received an enormous response from both national and international contributors and a total of 89 manuscripts were received. We adopted JPMA's strict criteria for publication and each submission was first evaluated for plagiarism through specialised computer software. No manuscript was rejected at this level. This was followed by coding of each submission to insure that the peer-review process remains blinded and transparent. Each submission was then assigned to two independent reviewers, who were subject specialists belonging to the same specialty, again based on standard JPMA policy. In case of discrepancy, a statistical review or a third editorial review was also done. Complete confidentiality of the reviewers was insured. All reviews were carried out on standard JPMA review forms. Only articles that were judged by both reviewers to be publishable in their present form; or with minor changes only, were selected. Articles requiring major revisions were not considered for publication. A total of 25 articles were thus accepted for publication. This final list of articles was forwarded to JPMA for final editorial review, along with the comments of the reviewers. At this point we must mention that some of the rejected articles were actually of reasonable quality, but could not be published, on the basis that they were not related to the theme or required major revisions in either format or language, which given the short time-line, was not possible for this particular supplement. We thank our contributors, our team of reviewers specially members of publication committee, our administrative staff, Shariff Charania who worked tirelessly day and night and made this herculean task possible. We hope you will appreciate the quality of papers in this supplement. Looking forward to welcoming you all and we hope you will take an active participation in the 4th AKU Annual Surgical Conference to be held from February 1-4, 2018 at Aga Khan
University, Karachi

Publication Committee:
4th AKU Annual Surgical Conference


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