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May 2001, Volume 51, Issue 5


Health in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities for for Academia

S.N.B. Inam  , S. Safdar  , A. Omair

National Health Status
While entering into the new millennium, Pakistan needs to assess its position on the health status of its nation. The health of its 130 million citizens is among the poorest in the world and its number is growing at the rate of 2.6% per annum&l

Tuberculosis at the Start of the New Millennium: Can We fight this Plague?

A. D. Muynck

At the end of the nineteenth century, the scientific world became very excited about the discovery of the TB bacilli by Koch. The understanding of the infectious nature of the disease was thought to enable a rapid control.
At the end of the twentieth century, we have a plet

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