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August 1980, Volume 30, Issue 8

Letter to the Editor


Dear Madam,

A glance at the programme of the 6th Australian Medical Congress shows it to be a week of wide-ranging seminars, which should appeal to the full spectrum of medical interests. Apart from our best Australian speakers, we have invited many world authorities. There will also be a social programme, and an Associates programme for spouses. We hope many international visitors will attend.
It will be held from the 12th-18th February, 1981 in Tasmania. While this may be a bad season on your country, we are looking forward to entertaining visitors in the best part of our summer. Blue skies, golden sunshine and beaches, which you can often have all to yourself.
Trout fishing is popular in Lake Pedder. 10 lb fish are quite common. Our native animals may seem a little outlandish to you-big furry wombats, ring tailed possums in the trees; wallabies bouncing across the roads, or coming to be fed from your hand in our National Parks. Keep well away from the Tasmanian Devil-he bites and eats anything from plastic bags to rubber boots; he also has the most formidable halitosis.
All our mammals are marsupials-even the hedgehogs, porcupines or echidnas have pouches for their young.
You should see plenty of swans on our rivers and bays, but they will all be black.
The programme will be stimulating. We have a speaker from China, subjects range from DNA Research to the Year of the Disabled, Cancer Prevention and Coronary Bypass Surgery. Richard Gordon (Doctor in the House series) will be chairing a session Medicane and the Medica. Tasmania may be at the end of the earth; but world authorities on a very wide range of subjects are coming. We hope you come too.
2, Gore Street,     W. McLaren Thomson
South Hobart,    Congress President Tasmania 7000.

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