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February 1980, Volume 30, Issue 2

News and Notes

PMA N.W.F.P. - Elections of Office Bearers:

The following office bearers have been elected unanimously in the General Body meeting of the Pakistan Medical Association N.W.F.P., held on 18th December, 1979 :-
President: Dr. Saeed-ul-Majid.
Vice-Presidents: Dr. Nasrullah - (D. I. Khan Division), Dr. Mohammad Rehman, Nowshera (Peshawar Division). Nominations from Hazara and Swat Divisions will be declared later.
General Secretary: Dr. Mohammad Ali Khan, Peshawar.
Joint Secretary: Dr. Ghulam Farid, Bannu (D. I. Khan Division), Dr. Muzaf-far Iqbal, (Peshawar Division). Nomi­nations from Hazara and Swat Divisions will be declared later.
Finance Secretary: Dr. Mohammad Ismail, Peshawar.
Secretary Public Relation: Dr. Mrs. Imtiaz Bokhari, Peshawar, Dr. Mohib-ullah Khan, Peshawar.
Immunisation schedule
In the two day Seminar on \'The Role of Lady Health Visitors in Pakistan\', held on 16th and 17th December 1979 at Karachi which was sponsored by UNICEF and Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), one subject that generated deep interest and was widely discussed was Immunisation Schedule.
In changed circumstances e.g. eradication of Small Pox and due to extraordinary and unusual local conditions, it seemed that different schedules were followed by different people. It was felt that this situation is likely to create a confusion and may not then be subservient to the type of results we would expect.
Hence it was decided that a workshop session be organised to arrive at an Immunisation Schedule which may be acceptable to all.
Accordingly this session was organised by Aga Khan Central Health Board for Pakistan on 5th January 1980 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Barkatali Charania. The Session was attended by representative of WHO (World Health Organisation), eminent paediatricians of Karachi and representatives of Aga Khan Central Health Board; viz:
Dr. Omer S. Mohammad WHO Representative
Dr. Wit Jacksomo
WHO Representative
Prof. Razia Rehmatullah Paediatrician
Prof. Dr. A. H. Haqqani Paediatrician
Prof. Dr. Ghaffar Billoo Paediatrician
Dr. Dinar Yasin Ali Paediatrician
Dr. Abbas Ghani Paediatrician
Dr Mohsin Ahmed Paediatrician
Dr. Manzoorali Arif Paediatrician
Dr. Afrooze Remzan Paediatrician
Mrs. Shakar G. Rahim
Aga Khan Central Health Board Rep.
Miss Shakar Nota
Aga Khan Central Health Board Rep.
Dr. Barkatali Charania
Aga Khan Central Health Board Rep.
After due deliberation an Immunisation Schedule was arrived at which is produced below:-
Immunisation Schedule:
1st week of life        B.C.G.
3 months         POLIO & DPT 1st Dose.
5 months         POLIO & DPT 2nd Dose.
7 months         POLIO & DPT 3rd Dose.
10 -12 months      MEASLES.
18 months        POLIO & DPT.
5 years          POLIO & DEPT
10 years         B.C.G.
1.Since Small Pox has been eradicated, it was decided to omit primary Small Pox Vaccination     according to the recommendation of WHO.
2.Primary BCG Vaccination should be given upto 15 years of age if no scar is visible.
3.In BCG mass vaccination programme a Montoux test is not regarded as a necessity
4.A non immunised pre school child should be given 2 doses of D.T. and Polio at interval of 2        months.
5.An older non-lmmunisea scnooi child should be given 2 doses of T.T. and Polio at interval           of 2 months.
6.A pregnant mother who has not had primary vaccination herself, should be given 2 doses of     T.T. in the last trimester of pregnancy.
7.Every pregnant mother who has had immunisation against tetanus before, should be given       one dose of T.T. in the last trimester of pregnancy.
8.Rubella vaccine to girls and mumps vaccine to all children may be added to measles            primary vaccination at 10 months.
Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases, Karachi, is organising a scientific seminar on Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases in the last week of April, 1980.
The seminar will include scientific papers, panel discussion and medical films.
The doctors interested to participate in the seminar are requested to intimate the Director, Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases, Karachi, by 31st of March, 1980.
4.Mrs. T.F. 41 years, coronary heart disease, supraventricular tachycardia 150/min: dynamic tracing showing sinoversion 11 minutes after verapamil 15 mg. intravenously: asystolic phase followed by nodal activity.

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