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January 1980, Volume 30, Issue 1

Special Communication


Mohammed Ataur Rahim  ( Faculty of Dentistry, P.O. Box: 5967, Riyad University, Riyad, Saudi Arabia. )


A total of four hundred and fifty one references on Medical Sciences contributed by Muslims during the British Period in India, are listed in this paper.


As far as is known no such compilation has ever been published; and it is for this reason that there is a necessity for presenting such work as this. This paper shows the significance of individual contributions in the history and development of the medical sciences of the Indian subcontinent.
The object of this list is to bring together the widely scattered published work of Muslim Medical Scientists during the British Period in India and by doing so to help keep their work from fading from our memories.
It is hoped that this paper will in some measure assist those who are interested in the past achievements and further development of medical sciences.
Latin names and spellings of proper nouns as found in the published papers have been retained.
In a survey of this kind, some omissions and inaccuracies are inevitable. It would therefore be appreciated if recipients of the bibliography would notify the author of any errors and bring to his attention additional references for future inclusion.
The references are arranged alphabetically according to author\'s surname followed by his initials; year of actual publication; the full title of the paper; the name of the journal and the volume number preceded by the first and the last page numbers-
In conclusion, I must express my sincere gratitude to Mr. W. E. Wilkes, senior sub- librarian. University of Liverpool for providing relevant material and helping me in every possible way throughout. I am indebted to Prof. C.J. Duncan, Prof. A.J. Cain, Dr. J.W. Jones, Dr. P.G. Smith, Dr. D.R. Rothwell, Mrs- N. F. MacMillon. Mr. R. Waggstaffe and my wife Jalees Fatima for their invaluable help.
Finally, I would like to dedicate this small effort to mark, the centenary of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, Pakistan\'s National Poet and Poet Philosopher of the East.
In order to save the space the titles of the journals have been shortened from the usual Internationally accepted forms to a few-letters. The abbreviations used in this paper are as follows:
Abbreviations :
BMJ      Bombay med. J.
BMPSR      Bombay med & phys. Sc. Rep.
IJM      Indian J. Malar.
IJMR     Indian J. med. Res.
IMG      Indian med. Gaz.
IMR      Indian med. Rec
JIMA      J. Indian med. Asso.
JMil      J. Malar. Inst. India.
RMSI      Rec. Malar. Surv. India.
SC      Sci. Cult.
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2. Abbasi, M.M.A. 1943. Mongoose bite and hydrophobia. IMG; 78: p550.
3. Abbasi, M.M.A. 1939. A case of aortic aneurysm. IMG; 74:351-352.
4. Abdulla, M. 1930. Nervous symptoms apparently due to a heavy ascaris infection-IMG; 65: 207-208.
5. Abdulla, M. 1930. Foreign body in the ear a cause of persistent Hiccough. IMG; 65: 445-446.
6. Abdulla, M 1931. Reflex asthma. IMG; 66: P.56.
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