July 1981, Volume 31, Issue 7

News and Notes


A meeting of the P.M.A. Dera Ismail Khan Branch was held on 27-3-1981 under the pre­sidentship of Doctor Fazlurrehman Khan, MBBS and the following were unanimously elected as office bonrors
(1) Dr. Fazlurrehman Khan, President
Abr-e-Karam, D.I. Khan Cantt, NWFP.
(2) Dr. Sajjad Sayed,    Sr Vice- Chas Mandi, D.I. Khan City, President NWFP.
(3) Dr. Ghulam Qasim Khakwani      Vice-
(4) Dr. M. Anwar Kamran,      General Powindah Bazar D.I. Khan Secretary  City.
(5) Dr. Amanullah Khan,     Treasurer
Muslim Bazar, D.I. Khan, City.
(6) Dr. Bashir Ahmad Shah       Provincial Counciller
As a result of the elections held on April 24 at Hilton Hotel Lahore, the following new office-bearers of P.M.A. Punjab have been inducted into office with immediate effect.
1. Prof. Kh. Sadiq Husain President.
2. Dr. Mohammad Akram Qureshi President-elect.
3. Dr. Amir Riazuddin Vice-President Multan Divsion.
4. Dr. M.M. Raza Vice-President Rawalpindi Division.
5. Dr. Nasim-ud-Din Khawaja Vice-President Lahore Division.
6. Dr. Rashid Ahmad General Secretary.
7. Dr. M. Naeern Iqbal Treasurer.
8. Dr. Shahnaz Saeed Hassan Joint Secretary.
9. Prof. Mohammad Iqbal Joint Secretary.
Since no nomination papers were received for the offices of Vice-Presidents from Bahawalpur and Sargodha Division, these offices were declared vacant by the Election Commissioner. These offices would be filled up at the next Provincial Council meeting of P.M.A. Punjab.
The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has decided that designation of demonstrator in medical colleges be changed to lecturer.
In its April meeting, the PMDC reached this decision after considering representation made by Junior Teaching Staff Association, Khyber Medical College, Peshawar in this regard.
The PMDC also asked the provincial governments to redesignate all the demonstrators working in the medical colleges as lecturers with immediate effect.
Women with no family history of breast cancer could reduce by half their chances of getting the disease if they took oral contraceptives, claims Dr. Maurics Black of the Institute of Breast Diseases Velhalla, New York, in his paper read at a conference at Atlanta, Georgia, held on April 15.
But the research also found that women Provincialwhose relations especially their paternal grand Counciller mother or aunts had breast cancer increased their risk by up to six times if they took the pill.
The increased or decreased risks would remain, but to lesser degrees, even if women stopped taking the birth control pills, Dr. Black told the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.
The Breast cancer is the second largest cause of death among U.S. women, It will kill some 36,000 American females this year, the National cancer Institute says.
The study was based on a decade of research with some 500 breast cancer patients, 2,000 patients with non-cancerous breast lesions and 600 healthy women in the U.S. and in a Canadian province.

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