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November 1984, Volume 34, Issue 11

Letter to the Editor

News Item

First International Meeting on Body Weight Control’.
Current understanding of the causes and treatment of aberrant body weight will be reviewed by the leading international authorities in the field. The purpose of the meeting will be to bring together the latest strands of knowledge and to inform health professionals of what is being done in this major area of health concern.
Date:  1-4 April, 1985
Venue:Montreux, Switzerland
Further information from:       Professional Postgraduate Services
    Ltd Sunderland
    House, Sunderland
    Street, Macclesfield
    Cheshire, SKLL
    6JF, UK.
The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Clinical Cytopathology For Pathologists 1985 Postgraduate Institute
The Twenty-sixth Postgraduate Institute for Pathologists in Clinical Cytopathology given by The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, consists of two courses, both of which must be taken:
- March to May 1985, Home Study Course A is provided each registrant for intensive personal  study; and
- May 6 to 17, 1985, In-Residence Course B at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.
This Institute is designed solely for pathologists who are Certified (or qualified for certification) by the American Board of Pathology or its international equivalent. It provides an intensive refresher in all aspects of the field of Clinical Cytopathology with time devoted to newer developthents and techniques, special problems, and recent applications including immunodiagnosis and needle aspiration. Topics are covered in lectures, explored in small informal conferences, and discussed over the microscope with the Faculty. Abundant self-instructional material is available to augment at individual pace. A loan set of slides with texts (Course A) will be sent to each participant within the United States and Canada for home. study during March and April before Course B in Baltimore. Prior special arrangements to study Course A must be made by participants outside of the United States and Canada. Credit hours 152 in AMA Category i.
Application and completed pre-regis tration is advised before November30, 1984; however, completed pre-registration must be accomplished before April 5, 1985, unless by special arrangement.
For details, write: John K. Frost, M.D., 604 Pathology Building, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 21205, U.S.A.
The entire Course is given in English.

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