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August 1984, Volume 34, Issue 8

Ultrasound Corner

Foetal and Maternal Survey

Farhat J. Jumshyd  ( Lady Dufferin Hospital, Karachi. )

Examination of foetus and expecting mother are the most frequently requested examinations performed by the Ultrasonologist. The clinical details provided by the referring physician are essential and indications for examinations should also be mentioned. In a routine examination, the referring physician can expect a quick survey of the following:
Foetal Survey
1. Number of foetuses.
2. Foetal position - presentation, lie and foetal movements.
3. C.N.S. Cranial vault, ventricles and vertebral column (Caranio-cervical (Fig.I),

thoracic (Fig.2)

and caudal end of spine (Fig. 3).

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