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January 1985, Volume 35, Issue 1

Ultrasound Corner

Foetal and Maternal Survey

Farhat J. Jumshyd  ( National X-ray and Ultrasound Centre, Karachi. )

Foetal Survey:­
Urinary System Following are examined.
(1) Kidneys:- Seen in three different planes for shape, size and maturity T.S. (Fig.2) L.S. or sagital view (Fig.3) and Dorsal view.
(2) Urinary Biadder: is seen either in T.S. or L.S. plane (Fig.l).
(3) Amount of Amniotic Fluid Normal, aligo or polyhydramnios (Fig.4).
The following are seen
1. Stomach. (Fig!).
2. Abdominal contents within abdominal wall- (Fig. 5).
3. Amount of amniotic fluid.

(1) Upper - Humerus.
(2) Lower - Femur, Tibia and fibula length and centre of ossification.
Male or Female.

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