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November 1986, Volume 36, Issue 11

Case Reports


7th International Conference on Health
The King Edward Medical College, is arranging the 7th International Conference on Health, which will be held at the K.E.Medical College, on December, 2022, 1986.
This conference is being sponsored by the K.E. Medical College, in collaboration with the association of Pakistan Physicians of North America, and the K.E. Allumni Association of North America.
The programmë wifi include State of the Art Lecturees by eminent specialities, apart from various social and cultural events.
The Scientific Committee of the conference cordially invite the readers to participate in this conference. If they wish to present any papers based on some original work they may please seRd the abstracts of the papers by 30th September, 1986 to Prof. Ijaz Ahsan, Chairman, Scientific Committee, K.E.Allumni Association, K.E. Medical College, Lahore. The envelops may be marked

Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association has agreed to receive and publish manuscripts in accordance with the principles of the following committees: