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December 1987, Volume 37, Issue 12

Case Reports


Fazle Raziq  ( Department of Pathology, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad. )
Muhammad Tariq Khan  ( Department of Pathology, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad. )
Wali Muhammad  ( Department of Paediatric ward, DHQ Hospital, Abbottabad. )
Abdur Rashid  ( Department of Methcaj ward, DHQ Hospital, Abbottabad. )

A case of chorio angioma associated with hydramnios in a 32 year old female is reported.


A 32-year-old pregnant female presented with hydramnios. Ultrasonic examination revealed a placental tumour, which was surgically removed. The specimen consisted of a normal looking placenta and a tumour. On gross examination, the tumour was round, firm, reddish purple and slightly lobulated in appearance. It measured 12.0cm in diameter and weighed 1.0kg.
Microscopic examination of haemotoxylin and eosin stained sections showed tumour made up of closely packed capillaries separated by loose fibrous tissue. The capillaries were filled with red blood cells.


Chorio angioma is a very rare benign placental tumour occurring in about 1% of the placentas studied1
It is a rare cause of hydramnios which is due to transudation of fluid from capillaries into the amniotic cavity2. The tumour is fetal in origin (from chorion) and, therefore, the blood contained within the capillaries is also fetal.1


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