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May 1987, Volume 37, Issue 5

Case Reports



“Potential Pathogenic Mechanisms of Animal-passed, Virulence-enhanced strains to campylobacter Jejuni/Coli Shahana U. Kazmi,Bob S. Roberson and Norman J. Stern. Dept. of Microbiology, University of Maryland, College Park MD-U.S.A. USDA, ARS, Athens, Georgia - U.S.A.
VoI’37, No. 4, p 97-104. It has come to the attention of the authors that the title of fig.1 (c and d) and fig. 2 are incorrect. The titles should read as follows:
Fig.l (c) Cell rounding and elongation 14 hrs. after addition of Culture supernatant of G 7(7).
Fig. 1 (d) Cell rounding and lysis 14 hrs. after addition of Polymyxin B released factor from JCH 667 (6).
Fig 2 (Plate I)
G. Anti-Cholera Toxin (CT)
C. Saline
D. G7(0) Supernatant
E. 456 (0) Sonicate
F.  456 (6) Sonicate
Fig2 (Platell)
G. Anti-C. Jejuni (29428)
A. Cholera Toxin
B. Saline
C. G7(7) Supernatant
D. G7(0) Supernatant
E. 456 (0) Supernatant
F.  456 (6) Supernatant

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