March 1987, Volume 37, Issue 3

Original Article

Correction- Morphological and Chemical Study of Urinary Calculi

We regret for mistakes and omission of some paragraphs of this original article (JPMA, 36: 300, Dec. 1986). The corrections are as follows:
1. The surname of first author is Khand not Khan.
2. On page 300, under the heading Material and Methods, the following paragraph is missing (although the reference numbers 11 and 12 have been mentioned under the heading References). “As the wet chemical analysis requires relatively large samples and has less sensitivity for both Oxalate and Phosphate, infrared technique has been recom­mended to be of value for the detection of these radicals11. Therefore, infrared analysis was carried out according to the method reported by Oliver and Sweet12 just to confirm the presence of these two radicals only in those urinary stones which were of very small size”. If the above mentioned paragraph was to be deleted from the paper, then the sequence of numbering the references should have been changed and reference number 11 and 12 should have been deleted from the list of references accordingly. Thus reference No. 13 will then become reference number 11 and so on.
3. On page 301, in the description of Table III, after the percentage of Calcium (93.3 3%), the percentages of phosp­hate (83.33%), oxalate (61.67%), urate/uric acid (5 1.67%) are missing.
4. On same page, i.e. 301 in Table-Ill, the term Lower is missing from Lower urinary tract stones and the total number of stones in this tract are 26 not 36. Similarly under the heading Upper urinary tract stones, the word stones is missing. Furthermore carbonate containing stones in this tract are 02 in number not 01.
5. On page number 302, the data given in Table-IV is entirely different from that which was submitted in the paper and seems to be contradictory to the matter mentioned in results.
6. On page number 303, in the first line under the heading Discussion, the spelling of the term frequency is incorrect. Instead of Frequeacy it should be Frequency.
7. On the same page, under the same caption, in line 4, reference number on Das is missing. It should be Das’4. On the same page, under the same caption, in line 12, wrong reference number has been mentioned. It should be 13, not 18.
8. On the same page, under the same caption, in line 12, worng reference number has been mentioned. It should be 13, not 18.
9. On the same page, under the heading References, theauthors names i.e. Clegg, H., and Ware, M. in reference number`
10. Under the same heading i.e. References, in reference. number 14, the spelling of Indian may kindly be corrected. It should be Indian not Indiaon.
11. Under the same heading, the reference number 17, it is not Pfluger, H but Pfluger, F which may kindly be corrected.

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