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September 1988, Volume 38, Issue 9

Case Reports


Asif Zafar  ( Department of Surgery, Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi. )
Shehzad Latif  ( Department of Surgery, DHQ Hospital, Rawalpindi. )


A 28 years female presented with painless sweffing in the left inguinal region. The clinical findings were a nontender, firm but mobile soli­tary cystic swelling in the left inguinal region of 10 cm x 6 cm in size. It caused no problems in sitting or walking. Regional alid other lymph nodes were not palpable. The cyst was aspirated to reduce its size. The aspirate was clear pale yellow fluid. The cyst was then removed enniasse under local anaesthesia. The gross appearance was a thick walled glistening unilocular cystic mass which on histology was found to be a hydatid cyst.
The cyst recurred at the same site, one month later. Abdominal ultrasound, liver scan and chest x-ray were normal and Casoni’s test was positive. The cyst was removed under general anaesthesia with due care to avoid puncture and perforation. Complete excision was done. Histo­pathology once again was hydatid cyst with


We are grateful to the Armed Forces Insti­tute of Pathology, specially Brigadier Manzoor and Colonel Ayub for extending all help to us.

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