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August 1988, Volume 38, Issue 8

Letter to the Editor



Opium (powdered poppy Capsules) mixed with sugars and other plant products is a popular home made remedy for colic, cough and tonics for infants and children in Baluchistan.
Over a period of 7 years (1977.1983) 28 children between the ages of I month to 5 years were admitted in Civil Hospital Quetta due to opium poisoning accounting for 0.16% of all paediatric admissions during the same period.
Of the total admissions due to various causes of poisoning, opium was found to be the second commonest cause, but mortality (42.9%) due to opium poisoning was the highest of all (Table 1).

History, physical findings, treatment and mortality in 4 cases of opium poisoning is summarized in Table II.

Early recognition of side effects of opium poisoning and prompt medical treatment are likely to reduce morbidity and mortality in chilĀ­dren.

Malik Kasi Yousaf Pervez, Aftab Iqbal Timor Bahadori, A.R. Dotani
Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Bolan Medical College & Sandeman (P) Hospital, Quetta.

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