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March 1990, Volume 40, Issue 3

Letter to the Editor



Three hundred and thirty five cases of leprosy were registered from June 1965 to December 1988 in Jacobabad (122), Sukkur (90), Khairpur (88) and Shikarpur (35). Of the total, 66% had tuberculoid, 21% lepromatous and 12% mixed type of leprosy. There were 68% males and 32% females with a male to female ratio of 2:1. The population of these four district mostly comprises of local Sindhis with few migrants from India, East Punjab, Iran and Baluchistan. Of the 335 cases registered 31% were migrants and 69% locals. Overall mortality since 1965 was 8.3% (28 cases) with maximum (25) deaths occuring till 1976 and only 5 dying from them till 1988. Of the total, 129 cases (39%) have been cured and discharged while the rest 163 are still being treated. Fifteen cases have been referred to other centres within the country because of change of residence.

Mohammed Ahmed Shehzad
School Health Services, Sukkur.

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