August 1991, Volume 41, Issue 8

Book Review


Dr. (Lieutenant General) Mahmud Ahmad AKhtar  ( Pages 220, January, 1991, Second edition - Price Rs. 100.oo. )

Lieutenant General Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar, Prin­cipal, Army Medical College, Rawalpindi and Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, worte a book on the “Rational Therapeutics - A Cost-effec­tive Approach’ in January, 1990. The 2nd edition of this book is now available.
It is the well perception of the first edition by the readers and dire need of the cost-effective therapeutics in the developing world which inspired the author to write the second edition of this handbook after a short interval i.e. inJanuary, 1991.
Current views about therapy in haematological, neurological and rheumatological disorders have been added in the relevant sections. General principles to organise a medical examination room have been Ofl included as these make the face value of the hospitals and other medical establishments. Emphasis has been inves­tigations to lighten the cost-pressure on the patients. An addition of new chapter on oncology will attract more readership, as well.
List of essential drugs, caloric value of various foods and relaxation exercise methods in this edition will be useful for general practitioners and for patients with diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidaemia, hypertension and for individuals under constant psychological strains. Some representative examples of prescriptions have also been quoted in this edition to bring awareness amongst the medicos about the extent of malpractice.
The new edition comprises of 220 pages and a beautiful title cover with a reasonable price of Rs. 100/-. The book is well written, interesting, palatable, updated and of manageable size.
It is hoped that the message of ”logic in prescribing” given by the author would be borne in mind to avoid untoward biochemical effects of the drugs and to reduce the pressure on national exchequer and on the poor community.

Lt GolMuhanimadAslam
Department of Physiology, Army Medical College.

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