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October 1994, Volume 44, Issue 10


Sero-Diagnosis for Viral Hepatitis in 93 Patients Admitted with Acute Hepatitis in Three Different Teaching Hospitals in Lahore


Second line: The two cases with anti-delta positivity were not amongst the 39 cases with acute HBV. They were separate cases of HDV super-infection in patients positive for HBsAg (negative for IgM anti-HBc).


Pam 2, line 4 should read: There were 3 other patients, all adults, in which HAV was associated with HBV as co-infection,, meaning thereby, that HAV could still be a diagnostic consideration in adults. In all acute HBV was diagnosed in 42 patients, i.e., 39 as single infection and 3 as co-infection on the basis of positive 1gM anti-HBc. HBsAg, however, was detected in 34 out of 42 patients. The negative test for HBsAg in the remaining 8 patients supports the observation that the presence of 1gM anti-HBc provides critical diagnostic information for the acute phase of HBV infection.

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