September 1994, Volume 44, Issue 9

Letter to the Editor

Meetings and Seminars

The Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) is pleased to start this section regarding medical or related matters such as Conferences, Courses, Job/Training opportu­nities, etc. related to medical profession. The information should be sent atleast four months prior to the date of occurrence, to be included in the Meetings and Seminars Section. Please send relevant information to Dr. Serajuddaula Syed, Managing Secretary, JPMA, PMA House, Agha Khan III Road, Karachi- 74400, Fax No.7226443, Pakistan. Dow Medical College Symposium Twelfth Annual Dow Medical College Symposium is going to be held on 14-15 December, 1994. This is an annual event, takes place in summer but this time we have decided to hold it inthe pleasant month of December. This would not only help our friends in Pakistan but a large number of Dow graduates spread all over the world. The participants of Dow graduates living abroad and other experts would give it an international flavour. Theme of this year’s symposium is "Disease Pattern in Pakistan”. For more infonnation call Symposium Secretariat, Medical Unit I, Civil Hospital, Baba-e-Urdu Road, Karachi, Pakistan, telephone No.7724864,7729719 Ext. 2249-225 1.
Pakistan Society of Gastroenterologists Conference The Eleventh Pakistan Society of Gastroenterologists
Congress will be held in Peshawar from 28th to 31st March, 1995. The last date for accepting the papers is 31st January, 1995. Further details can be obtained from the Congress Secretariat, 56-B, Khyber Medical Centre, Dabgari Gardens, Peshawar.

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