May 1994, Volume 44, Issue 5



The Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) is pleased to start this section of an­nouncements regarding medical or related matters such as Conferences, Courses, Job/Training opportu­nities, etc., related to medical profession. The informa­tion should be sent atleast four months prior to the date of occurrence, to be included in the annoucement section.
Please send relevant information to Dr. Serajud­daula Syed, Managing Secretary, JPMA, PMA House, Agha Khan III Road, Karachi-74400, Fax No. 7226443.
4th Workshop on Medical Writing and Editing 7-9 October, 1994
The 4th Workshop on Medical Writing and Editing will be held in Singapore from 7 to 9 October, 1994. The Workshop is organised by the Annals, Academy of Medicine, Singapore. The teaching faculty will comprise the Editors of the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine, Drs. Robert and Suzanne Fletcher.
The Organising Committee has planned a pro­gramme covering the various aspects of medical writing, ranging from the initial stages of manuscript preparation tight up to the final touches for submission to the editor.
The three-day programme has also been designed to provide a forum for medical writers and editors to learn from the teaching faculty as well as from one another’s experience. The programme will include lectures and small group workshops.
The Organising Committee plans to formlise the APSEA (Asia-Pacific Scientific Editors Associa­tion) during this Workshop. About 150 participants are expected and this will comprise chief editors and representatives of major medical journals and defi­nitely, young doctors wishing t? learn to write better.
The first day of the Workshop will be directed at young contributors, providing them with hands-on experience in the art of writing. The second and third day will be devoted to an exchange of ideasand transfer of skills between the visiting faculty and the local and regional editorial boards and the formation of the APSEA.
Further details can be obtained from the Editorial Assistant, 4th Workshop on Medical Writing and Editing, do Annals,. Academy of Medicine, Singapore, 16 College Road #01-01, College of Medicine Building, Singapore-03 16, Tel: 2245166; Fax: 2255155.
Seventh Annual Conference of Pakistan Associa­tion of Pathologists at Quetta in September, 1994.
Further details can be had from Professor Niamatullah Jan, Department of Pathology, Bolan Medical College, Quetta.

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