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July 2004, Volume 54, Issue 7





Prognostic indicators in Patients with Intracranial tuberculoma: a review of 102 cases, authors: M. Wasay, M. K. Moolani, J. Zaheer, B. A. Kheleani, A. R. Smego, R. A. Sarwari, original article, published in JPMA, Vol. 54, No. 2, February 2004 issue. Kindly correct the name of the fifth author to read as R. A. Smego.

Addition of Steroids in Medicated Dentrifices marketed in Pakistan: a Possible Serious Health Hazard, authors: O. A. Farooqui, T. Hosein, M. M. Hosein, original article, published in JPMA, Vol. 53, No. 8, August 2003 issue. Spelling of the first author should be corrected to read as O. A. Farooqi.

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