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July 1996, Volume 46, Issue 7

Letter to the Editor

HEV Exposure Rate Among Clinically Suspected Cases of Hepatitis

Madam, Twenty-nine patients who were clinically suspected for hepatitis infection were tested for anti-HAVIgM (Abbott EIA), HbsAg (Abbott EIA) and anti-HCV antibodies (Abbott ELA) at “The Lab”, Karachi. Twelve patients (41%) appeared reactive for any of HAy, HBV and HCV markers tested and 17(59%) negative to all the tested markers. To know the exposure rate of HEy infection among these 17 non-A, non-B, non-C cases, they were tested for HEV infection (Abbott EIA HEV lgG antibodies). Out of these 17 tested, 12 (70.5%) appeared reactive for HEV IgG antibodies. This observation is veiy interesting and demands more studies to• know the actual extent ofHEV infection in general population.

Syed Abdul Mujeeb and Syed Iqbal Ahmed*
Blood Transfusion Services, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and The Lab*, Karachi.

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