October 1998, Volume 48, Issue 10

Student's Corner

Good News!

15th International Medical Sciences Student Congress, arranged by Istanbul University, is coming up from April28- May 1. 1999. Application deadline is January 29, 1999. Experimental and clinical studies on any topic in medicine will be accepted. It is a great opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Istanbul, present at a Conference and even win cash prizes if you are good enough! Rewards of$ 1500, $1000 and $500 will be given to the best project, second best project and the best poster respectively.
Application Address MetinKurtoglu -B. Deniz Cuhali Deneysel Tip Arastivma Enstitusu (DETAM), 34280 Capa, Istanbul, Turkey.
Tel/Fax: (90-212)5336061 Tel: 90-212)525606
E-mail: imssc@superonline.com & imssc@,ibm.net
Webpage:http://abone superonline.com/-obak

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