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May 1998, Volume 48, Issue 5

Family Medicine Corner

WEB Review World Health Organization

Syed Mabmood Ali Shah  ( Fourth Year Medical Student, The Aga Khan Medical University, Karachi. )

The objective øf WHO is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health. The mission statement of WHO web site begins with this sentence. The WHO web site is the best place torema in update da bout the mostrecentworldwide health policies. The main page takes a little extra time to downloadandis notas impressive as that of the CDC or American Lung Association. However, the links are extremely useful. The best way is to go thmught the site map that will let you save alot of surfmg time by directly jumping to the page with all links available at WHO. The site also has anexcellentsearchenginefor focused surfing. You will find afew links about the organization itself and its policies. The most useful is the diseases part. They have categorized diseases in a very easy format. The health policies and statistics will be a real help for epidemiologists.
Their main library is also accessible on line including the publications and periodicals issued by WHO. Links also lead to information relating NGO’s, WHO worldwide offices, a telephone directory of the headquarters, WHOSIS (WHO Statistical Information System), Special upcoming events and WHO world reports up till 1998. For the doctors who are unemployed: there is a WHO vacancy list It’s worth tiying. For those professionals who want to keep themselves informed about the Official International Health news and policies. The World Health Organization/Organisaiion Mondiale De La Sante site at is highly recommended.

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