April 1998, Volume 48, Issue 4

Case Reports

FMC- Family Medicine Corner

Aziz Abdul Rehman  ( Member, Editorial Board, JPMA. )

The JPMA is planning to introduce Family Medicine Section in the Journal by the name ofFamily Medicine Comet JPMA is an indexed journal of Pakistan that mainly publishes original research articles. Forthis corner 4 pages in the journal will be allocated initially.
The objective of the corner arc:
1. To provide information regarding common medical problems seen by Family Practitioners.
2. To provide guidelines for the evaluation and management of common diseases.
3. To increase the number of subscribers of JPMA from the family physicians.
4. To encourage family practitioners to write ontopics of their interest.
Family Medicine is rapidly expanding into anorganized medical field in the world today. Family physicians working in the community, are the first contact doctors, tackling common problems and are the front line referral physicians to the specialist doctors. They are enthusiastic to learn but do not have ‘access to latest information. JPMA by introducing the family medicine corner hopes to fblfil this important need.
Requirements for an article to be published:
Common problems encountered in family practices addressed in not more than four pages (2500 words) of JPMA.
Who Could write:
Any trained family physician, specialist or general practitioner could write.
What to write:
The approach, evaluation or management of common medical problem could be discussed.
The articles should be sent to the Coordinator, Family Medicine Corner JPMA prepared according to publication guidelines of JPMA.
The article will be reviewed by 2 persons: one will be a family practitioner and the other will be a specialist in the subject.
After review, if any changes are required, the article will be returned with the comments to the author for the desired change.
The editorial board of the journal will have the final authority in deciding whether the article will be published or not.
Readers can express their views on articles. Interesting and Informative comments could be published in following issues.
Suggestions are always welcome for improvement of the cornet

Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association has agreed to receive and publish manuscripts in accordance with the principles of the following committees: