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April 1999, Volume 49, Issue 4

Student's Corner

Web ReviewTM Health Gate

Syed Mahmood All Shah  ( The Aga Khan University, Karachi. )

HealthGate - a web site every healthcare professional should be aware of. This gateway to knowledge contains comprehensive resources on Health and medicine, form Acne to Tennis Elbow. HealthGate has a U.S. and a U.K. version online. Web surfers who like more detailed and sophisticated web site with tons of links and resources should stay on the U.S. version of the site (, but the people who need simple solutions will certainly feel easy using the U.K. site ( Simple, Quick and Useful - the U.K. version at is definitely the same as the logo, which appears on its top lefi.
The index page, designed using three columns, starts with their collage followed by health ticker - ajava applet which scrolls latest health news. The left column contains links under the heading ‘Today @HealthGate”. It focuses on the latest articles from the Webzines like “Good Parenting”, Know Health Tips” and “Healthy Rx”. You can send any article dircctly to anyone from any page.
The middle column contains extensive Health Resources. Their Weilness Center contains comprehensive resources and infonnation on conditions fiDm A to Z. You can either select a disease from the list on the main page or enter any condition or concern in the blank space. Topics are also categorized according to the Parts of the Body and Family Health. The online magazine HealthGates healthy living Webzines are the most useful and important part of the web site. It contains in-depth articles and inforniation on common problems and concerns, latest research and expert opinions. The Webzines currently available are healthy Parenting, Healthy Sexuality. Healthy Traveler and Healthy Rx. It also contains featured articles under the headings of Man, Athlete, Alternative, Woman, Eating, Mind, Parenting, Sexuality, name a topic and its there.
The last column on the right side contains search options. You can search the Medline, Cancerlit, Ethicsline and many more. An advanced search option is also available.
Health Gate at http://www.whealthgate.corn is tnily a web site meant for everyone.

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