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January 1999, Volume 49, Issue 1

Student's Corner

WebReview<sup>TM</sup> Neurosciences on the Internet

Syed Mahmood Ali Shah  ( Fourth Year Medical Student,TheAga Khan University, Karachi. )

Neurosciences on the Internet is an excellent website for all the latest in Neurosciences across the world. This site is edited and maintained by Neil A. Busic, M.D. The main website claims that it provides an easy to use searchable and browsable index of neuroscience resources available on the Internet:
Neurobiology, neurology, neurosurgety, psychiatry, psychology, cognitive science sites and information on humnan neurological diseases. It has mirror sites in United States, United Kingdom, Gennany and Australia. It has links with all the major Neurosciences research centers and labs and with the clinical departments in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry across the globe. There are also links to sites that display excellent images of the brain of clinical and research interest.
Of particular note is the search engine for undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral research programmes for Neurosciences in North America which provides all the basic information for admission requirements to these programmes and website addresses and links to the respective homes pages. One can also access all the major on-line journals for Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry and view the results of major drug or experimental trials. Overall highly recommended for all those interested in accessing the latest news and information related to Neurosciences on the web.

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