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June 2000, Volume 50, Issue 6

Research Concepts

Research Concepts

Scientific minds are rarely horn. They are mostly created by learning activities involved in scientific research and the kind of logic they are based upon. This article is the second in the ‘Research Concepts’ series and is about thinking strategies that are involved in the scientific process of research The purpose is to introduce the framework of mind that enables us to understand and participate in the evoluticm of scientific knowledge. A balance between analytic and engaged style is important to have a deep understanding of the real world. However this, equilibrium should be achieved by a tilt towards the analytic style for scientific research process. All the scholarly activities involved in the research such as discovery, integration, application and communication require a more objective and direct approach towards information. Furthermore, argumentative skills are required at every step of scientific research, based mostly upon the philosophical doctrine of inductive and deductive reasoning.

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