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July 2000, Volume 50, Issue 7

Letter to the Editor

Rapid diagnosis of Rotavirus in Infantile Diarrhoea

Rakhshanda Baqai  ( Pakistan Medical Research Council Research Centre, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi. )

Madam, Outbreaks of rotavirus diarrhea are frequent in Pakistan 1-3 and elsewhere4,5. It is therefore important that some screening test should be available for detection of rotavirus during epidemics of diarrhea. The object of this study was to compare enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), a well established test for the detection of rotavirus with latex agglutination test. Thirty faucal samples from children up to 24 months of age suffering from diarrhea were collected and screened for rotavirus by ELISA technique using Rotazyme kit and by latex agglutination using Rotazyme kit (Biomerieus). Out of thirty faecal samples rotavirus by ELISA was detected in 14 (46.6%) and by latex agglutination in 6 (20%) cases. Of the 14 ELISA positive cases 5 (35.7%) were also positive by latex agglutination while from the 16 ELISA negative cases only 1(6.2%) was positive. Although positively by latex agglutination was low but in can identify cases during outbreaks of viral diarrhea as it is rapid, easy to perform even without proper laboratory facilities. By ELISA technique nearly 47% cases were identified but this test in time consuming and requires expertise and proper testing facilities which are not available everywhere especially in remote areas. Hence it is suggested that routinely latex agglutination test should be done and where possible ELISA technique should be used for confirmation of any doubtful result.

Rakhshanda Baqai
Pakistan Medical Research Council Research Centre, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi.


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