April 2002, Volume 52, Issue 4



In JPMA Volume 52, No. 1, January 2002 issue, Review Article viz: Reproductive Health in Pakstan: Evidence and Future Directions by F. F. Fikree, Page No. 34-41, please add to read the following missed paragraph in the end, before References. We regret the inconvenience.


Investments in reproductive health today bring benefits both to the adults and young people of today and the infants and children of tomorrow. However, the need for a sound scientific basis with a demonstrable linkage between data and policy needs to have a renewed beginning - a beginning with a common purpose linking the common women and men in the community, the health professionals and educators supported by a strong political commitment at the national, provincial and district levels with the aim of intersectorol, multilevel partnerships to achieve a better quality of life for the future women and men of Pakistan.
Where should the focus for ther next decade lie - based on the evidence presented, the key reproductive health areas from a health services and public health perspective for the next decade should focus on strengthening maternal health services and programs, perinatal health and family planning, initiating and supporting adolescent health and reproductive tract infections programs and services concomitantly with raising reproductive health awareness among the lay men and women and competency based training for health professionals.

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