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June 2007, Volume 57, Issue 6

Letter to the Editor

Answer to Comment

Nasir Khan   ( Senior Registrar, Surgical Unit 1, POF Hospital, Wah Cantt )

Madam, Below are the answers to the comments raised by the valued reader.
Answer to Comment No.l: The authors are well aware of the Lund and Browder chart system. In our study, we calculated the body surface area in children less than 10 years with this same method. Indeed this chart is attached to the bed side of every child patient in our burn unit. We did not mention it specifically in material and methods section of our article which is an error. However we accept that it should have been included separately in Material and Methods section of our article.
The answer to the objection is that we calculated the body surface area of children in our study with Lund and Browder Chart and that of adults with Rule of Nines.
Answer to comment No, 2: Starting antibiotics from day No.1 is our routine. Anyone has all the rights to disagree with us.
Answer to comment No, 3: Our mortality was high and we had written the reasons for it. But we were advised to delete the portion that was not the part of our Aims and Objectives, and secondly, a separate study was required for that analysis. Therefore the reasons of high mortality were not included in the article.
Answer to comment No.4: A reference of a valid Pakistani study from CMH Kharrian has been given in the article. The reference list may be checked again.

 Nasir Khan
 Senior Registrar, Surgical Unit 1, POF Hospital, Wah Cantt

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