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December 2021, Volume 71, Issue 12

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Author Index

Aamir Raoof Memon  ( Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women, Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan. )


Aamir R see Salam A A

Aamir K F see Masood S

Aaraj S see Khan S A

Abass S see Ahmed A

Abbas A H see Khetpal A

Abbas G see Kazmi A

Abbas H M see Ammar A S

Abbas M A see Khetpal A

Abbas N et al

Hardships of drugs monitoring – Ambiguities in pharmacovigilance rules 2018 and guidelines 2019 in the Pakistan, Page-2481

Abbas Q et al

Role of religiosity optimism demographic characteristics and mental health problems among cancer patients, Page-859

Abbas Q see Ahmed R

Abbas S see Muazzam M R

Abbas S see Muazzam M R

Abbas S T see Ahmed M

Abbas S Z see Imam H

Abbas M see Farooq F

Abbas N see Jabeen R

Abbas Q see Sohail H

Abbas S see Nakhuda A

Abbas Z see Qadeer M A

Abbas Z see Qadeer M A

Abbasi A A see Muzammal M

Abbasi I N et al

Overcoming the challenges of communityengaged emergency referrals in a rural district of Pakistan, Page-2648

Abbasi M et al

The effective coping strategies against burnout: Perceptions of Pakistani medical students, Page-1583

Abbasi M S see Iqbal A

Abbasi S A see Shah A A

Abbasi S A see Shah A A

Abbasi S A see Farwa U

Abbasoglu Z et al

Influence of maternal attitudes and parenting style on children`s dental caries experience, Page-2325

Abd-AlZahra M S see Al-Tameemi H N

Abdullah A see Khan N

Abdullah Ameen see Qureshi T A

Abdullah S M see Saboor M

Abid A et al

Video Assisted Thoracoscopy as a therapeutic modality in evacuating retained or clotted haemothoraces, Page- 1428

Abid M S see Arif S A

Abid F see Ashiq K

Abid K see Memon W A

Abid K see Shah G A

Abid K see Shah G A

Abid M see Mamoon N

Abousenna M M H S et al

A comparison of low dose ultrasound and far-infrared therapies in patients with mechanical neck pain, Page-397

Abrar S et al

A clinical audit of management of third and fourth degree perineal Tears, Page-1446

Abrejo F see Shahzaib N


Abubakar M see Ali S I

Abubakar M et al

Impact of pharmacist-led interventions on diabetes management at a community pharmacy in Pakistan: A quasiexperimental study, Page-1924

Abubakar M see Sindhu I I

Adam A M see Khetpal A

Adanas C et al

Is ischaemic modified albumin a marker in osteomyelitis patients?, Page-461

Adil A et al

Effect of perceived husband’s support on postpartum depression: Mediating role of need for approval, Page-2203

Adnan A et al

Letter to the Editor: Rolling out COVID-19 vaccine: Half the battle Won, Page-1917

Adnan G et al

Prognostic significance of ischemic electrocardiographic changes during stress testing in patients with normal nuclear myocardial perfusion imaging, Page-1745

Adnan H et al

The effects of a static exercise program verses Swiss ball training for core muscles of the lower back and pelvic region in patients with low back pain after child delivery A single blind randomized control trial, Page-1058

Afridi M A see Khatoon Z

Afridi M F et al

Association between intestinal helminthic infections and anaemia status in preschool children in the district Skardu of Pakistan, Page-2309

Afroze B see Allahwala A

Afshan K see Ahmad W

Afshan K see Noor N

Aftab U see Ismail M

Aftab A see Waseem R

Aftab I see Farwa U

Afzal E see Khan W I

Afzal A et al

Thyroid-like follicular carcinoma of kidney: Case presentation and literature review, Page-2073

Afzal A see Shabbir U

Afzal M see Mahmood A

Afzal M see Qayyum S

Afzal M see Rahim A

Afzal M W see Perwaiz S

Afzal S see Javed N

Afzal W see Mahmood T

Afzal H M I see Baig U

Afzal M F see Khalid W

Afzal M F see Zahid A

Afzal M see Tarar S H

Afzal M F see Ali D

Afzal M F see Zubair M

Afzal M F see Ali D

Afzal M see Afzal T

Afzal T et al

Genetic association study of ERBB4 SNP rs1351592 with polycystic ovary syndrome in Pakistani population, Page-332

Afzal W see

AG Unnikrishnan see Kalra S

Aggarwal S see Kalra S

Aggarwal S see Kalra S

Agha S A et al

Translation and validation of core bereavement items into Urdu language on a sample of bereaved parents and spouses in Pakistan: A pilot study, Page-990


Agin M et al

The cumulative effects of MEFV gene polymorphisms and mutations in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, Page- 479

Ahmad A see Mubeen I

Ahmad A see Fatima A

Ahmad A see Khan I

Ahmad B see Rizwan A

Ahmad H see Zubairi A S

Ahmad I et al

Molecular characterization of hepatitis B virus basal core promoter and precore region of isolates from chronic hepatitis B patients, Page-1575

Ahmad I et al

Challenges experienced by post coronary artery bypass grafting patients: A qualitative study from Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan, Page-1827

Ahmad N et al

Management of Intracranial Haemangiopericytomas, Page-1041

Ahmad N et al

Use of ultrasonic aspirator for CNS tumour resection, Page-1904

Ahmad N see Nazir N

Ahmad S see Khan A S

Ahmad S et al

Natural herbs: A potential treatment option for diabetes and associated neuropsychological deficits, Page-1292

Ahmad S et al

To kill two birds with stone, Page-1909

Ahmad S see Ali Z

Ahmad S see Jabbar A

Ahmad S see Muzammal M

Ahmad S see Muzammal M

Ahmad S see Rashid Z

Ahmad S see Sapkota S

Ahmad T et al

Functional outcomes in proximal humerus fractures: A prospective registry-based analysis, Page-1870

Ahmad T I see Soharwardi M A

Ahmad U see Mahmood T

Ahmad W et al

Iatrogenic intra-spinal subdural haematoma: An exceptionally rare phenomenon , Page-1290

Ahmad Z et al

Threat of a Measles outbreak amidst COVID 19 surge in Sindh Pakistan, Page-2488

Ahmad A see Burq H S I A

Ahmad A see Atif S

Ahmad A see Ghazi L

Ahmad A see Mahmood T

Ahmad I N see Mamoon N

Ahmad K see Ahmad I

Ahmad M see Hafeez T

Ahmad M S see Shamshad S

Ahmad S et al

The Role of K-Ras and P53 in Biliary Tract

Carcinoma, Page-2378

Ahmad S see Afzal T

Ahmad T see Abid A

Ahmad W et al

Complete splenic vein tumour thrombus in primary gastric malignancy on F18- fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography-computed tomography, Page-175

Ahmad W et al

Demographic variation and risk factors regarding breast cancer among female in Southern Punjab Pakistan, Page-1749

Ahmad W et al

Rare case image of retroperitoneal metastases from breast primary, Page-567

Ahmad W see Raza R

Ahmad W see Raza R

Ahmed A see Saeed Q

Ahmed A et al

A cross-sectional study to understand the pervasiveness of psychiatric features among tinnitus and vertigo patients, Page- 2340

Ahmed A et al

Letter to the Editor: Polio: The road to eradication threatened, Page-395

Ahmed A see Chishti U

Ahmed A see Salam A A

Ahmed A see Siddiqui A S

Ahmed D A T see Usmani S

Ahmed H see Afridi M F

Ahmed H see Deepak P

Ahmed H see Khetpal A

Ahmed I see Zahid A

Ahmed I et al

Reliability and validity: Importance in Medical Research, Page-2401

Ahmed I see Murad S

Ahmed K S see Nadeem S

Ahmed M et al

Comparison of harmonic scalpel versus Milligan Morgan technique in haemorrhoidectomy patients, Page-2369

Ahmed N see Ishaq R

Ahmed N see Raja W

Ahmed R et al

Upper gastrointestinal bleed in a toddler — an unusual encounter revealing foreign body ingestion, Page-1249

Ahmed S S et al

Quality assurance audit in adult cardiac

anaesthesia, Page-704

Ahmed S S see Maryam N

Ahmed S see Allahwala A

Ahmed S see Khemani S

Ahmed S see Rehman M

Ahmed S see Shah G A

Ahmed S see Shah G A

Ahmed U see Nazir N

Ahmed W see Asim M A

Ahmed W see Khan A A

Ahmed Y see Hafeez T

Ahmed Z et al

Case report of a female child with right nasal chondromyxoid Fibroma, Page-1897 Ahmed Z see Afridi M F

Ahmed A et al

Comparing the effectiveness of Mulligan mobilization versus Cyriax pproach in the management of patients with subacute lateral epicondylitis ,Page-12

Ahmed A see Aqeel M

Ahmed A see Khan I

Ahmed B see Ahmed A

Ahmed F see Saquib J

Ahmed I see Nagani N I

Ahmed N see Farooqui M M

Ahmed N see Usmani S

Ahmed N see Din M

Ahmed R et al

A cross sectional study to observe the diversity of fungal species in Onychomycosis isolated from a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Page-51

Ahmed S see Aziz M


Ahmed S S see Din M

Ahmed S see Rafique S

Ahmed S see Shahid N

Ahmed S A see Sohail H

Ahmed S,

Telemedicine in neonatal care-Saving lives with technology!, Page-2837

Ahmed T et al

Aquaporins; systemic functional and therapeutic correlations in health and disease, Page-1228

Ahmed U see Rehman M

Ahmer A see Jamali N H

Ahmer Z see Jabeen Z

Ahraf M U see Khan A A

Ahsan S et al

Negative coping styles among individuals with cannabis use disorder and non-users, Page-1757

Ahsan S see Andleeb N

Ahsan S see Yaqoob M F

Ahsan N see Siddiqui R

Ahsan S see Yaqoob N

Ahsin S et al

Student led outreach workshops to promote basic life support, Page-1761

Aijazi A see Shamim F

Aiman F see Ramzan J

Ain Q et al

Psychosocial issues of hearing impaired school children: a psychometric approach, Page-306

Ain Q see Shoaib N F

Ainuddin J A see Shahid O

Akash M S H et al

Assessment of knowledge attitude and practice of Pakistani population about the risk factors causes complications and management of diabetes mellitus, Page- 286

Akbar R M et al

Moderation role of proactive coping between psychological place attachment and its mental health consequences in sojourners, Page-2531

Akbar S A see Ali S I

Akbar R see Mirza M B

Akbar S A see Bari H

Akbar S A see Bari H

Akber S see Almas S

Akca P see Cavusoglu T

Akdemir T see Yazici C M

Akdeniz N see Corapli M

Akgul M see Yazici C M

Akhtar F see Ambreen A

Akhtar H see Moorpani P

Akhtar M et al

CRISPR Cas System: An efficient tool for cancer modelling, Page-718

Akhtar N see Jawad A

Akhtar O see Mughal A T

Akhtar et al

Estimates of gelotophobia and perceived stress among obese individuals, Page-81

Akhtar H see Salahuddin S

Akhtar M S see Ahmad W

Akhtar M see Chishti U

Akhtar N see Syed F

Akhtar S et al

Prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes in district Swat Pakistan, Page-243

Akhtar T see Khan M T

Akhtar Z see Inam A

Akin F see Atas B


Akoglu H see Ozkaya S

Akram F et al

Ego defense mechanisms medication adherence and selfmanagement of the patients with type 2 diabetes, Page-624

Akram M U et al

Management of a giant carbuncle on the posterior trunk with excision and grafting, Page-2665

Akram U see Ansari A

Al Arifa N see Liaqat I

Al Banna A see Usmani S

Al Eraky M see Abbasi M

Al Ghazali B S J see Al-Jaeed A H O

Al Nohair S F,

Medical benefits of camel’s milk: A comprehensive review, Page-933

Alakus H see Corapli M

Alam A see Javed Z

Alam F et al

Metformin Oxidative Stress and Male Infertility: Way Forward, Page-781

Alam F see Noor S

Alam L et al

Successful treatment of refractory Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia , (GAVE), in a cirrhotic patient with transcatheter arterial embolisation in a tertiary care facility in Pakistan: A case report, Page-1263

Alam L et al

Knowledge and clinical practices of medical doctors regarding nutrition in  cirrhosis patients – A multicentre study from Pakistan, Page-2009

Alam M see Alam L

Alam M see Naqvi S H R

Alam M T see Khetpal A

Alam R see Maryam N

Alam A see Imtiaz S

Alam A see Imtiaz S

Alam A see Imtiaz S

Alam L et al

Hepatitis-associated aplastic anaemia: A case report from a tertiary care facility of Pakistan, Page-376

Alam L et al

Safety of balanced propofol and midazolam in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy for sedation in cirrhotic patients, Page-64

Alam L,

A year of hepatocellular carcinoma at a glance Demographics biochemical and radiological characteristics and treatment modalities from a specialized facility of Pakistan, Page-1849

Alam M see Alam L

Alamgir M M et al

Life-time tobacco consumption and oral cancer among citizens of a high incidence metropolis, Page-1588

Alauddin U see Adnan G

Albalwi A A see Kashif M

Aleem Ud Din M see Sapkota S

Al-Eraky M see Waheed K

Alex J see Altamimi T

Al-Fahdi F see Jaffar Al-Bahrani B

Al-Farsi A M see Jaffar Al-Bahrani B

Alghamdi H A et al

Gut microbiome skin axis in the development of atopic dermatitis, Page- 1221

Alhabardi S M A et al

The composition and stability of the vaginal microbiome of healthy women, Page-2045

 Alhaddad I H see Al-Tameemi H N

Al-Hadrawy H K S see Al-Jaeed A H O

Alharbi A A see Kashif M

AL-Haris N R see Al-Tameemi H N

Al-Hindi R R see Alhabardi S M A

Ali A A see Kamal A

Ali A see Razzaque M A

Ali D et al

Fodder cutter ,(Tokka), injuries: A preventable morbidity, Page-1022

Ali D see Khalid W

Ali D see Zahid A

Ali F et al

The positive impact of COVID-19 on Tuberculosis endemic areas, Page-2683

Ali F see Ahmed Z

Ali H et al

Comparison of analgesic effects of Gabapentin and Paracetamol postoperatively in patients with hand injury, Page-2501

Ali H see Alam L

Ali H see Kumar S

Ali H see Murad S

Ali M A see Amin I

Ali M F et al

To assess students’ perception about Kahoot! as an innovative learning tool in oral pathology- a qualitative study, Page- 2426

Ali M I see Farooqui M M

Ali M M see Siddiqui M A

Ali M U et al

Central nervous system involvement in Multiple Myeloma—Diagnosis treatment and outcome: A case report, Page-2659

Ali M Z see Muzammal M

Ali P S see Naqvi S H R

Ali R see Khattak M J

Ali S A et al

Association of Factor V Leiden G1691A and Prothrombin gene G20210A mutations with adverse pregnancy outcomes, Page- 1780

Ali S A Z et al

Development and validation of perceived sexual resentment scale for women ,(PSRSW), Page-1793

Ali S I et al

Retrospective study of ovarian malignancy managed in surgical unit at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Lahore, Page-696

Ali S see Afridi M F

Ali S see Ahmad I

Ali S see Iqbal W

Ali S T et al

Ratio of height to thyromental distance: a comparison with mallampati and upper lip bite test for predicting difficult intubation in Pakistani population, Page-1570

Ali T S et al

Association of dowry practices with perceived marital life and intimate partner violence, Page-2298

Ali T S see Shahzaib N

Ali Y see Shah A A

Ali Z et al

Expression levels of MiRNA-16 SURVIVIN and TP53 in Preeclamptic and Normotensive women, Page-2208

Ali Z see Zafar U

Ali A M et al

Association of vitamin D deficiency to the risk of preeclampsia in Saudi Arabia, Page-  257

Ali A et al

Effect of nurse led education on anxiety level among coronary artery bypass grafting pre-operative patients, Page-238

Ali A see Majeed F A

Ali D see Kathia U M

Ali D see Zubair M

Ali D et al

Outcome of purse-string versus linear skin closure after ileostomy stoma reversal in terms of stoma sites infection and cosmesis, Page-414

Ali F L see Din M

Ali H S see Naved S A

Ali K see Ali F

Ali N A et al

Digitalisation provisions for controlling depression in developing countries: Short review, Page-127

Ali R et al

Evaluating the effectiveness of ‘MCQ development workshop using cognitive model framework: A pre-post study, Page- 119

Ali S A Z see Noreen A

Ali S see Sharma N

Ali S Z see Batool R

Ali S A see Faisal A W K

Ali S K see Riaz Q

Ali S K see Riaz Q

Ali T S see Zeb S

Ali Y see Shah A A

Alina A see Akhtar S

Al-Jaeed A H O et al

Research Article: Exploring speciality preferences and the influencing factors among undergraduate medical students at University of Kufa Iraq: A questionnairebased cross-sectional Survey, Page-1303

Al-Kandari F see Usmani S

Al-Kandari F see Usmani S

Al-khaldi R A see Usmani S

Alkorbi M S see lmran M

Al-Kubaisy W A see Mwafi N R

Allahwala A et al

Case Series: Maple syrup urine disease: magnetic resonance imaging findings in three patients, Page-1309

Al-Lawati N A see Jaffar Al-Bahrani B

Almaeen A H see El Naggar M A

Almas S et al

Knowledge and practices regarding handwashing among mothers of children less than five years of age in rural areas of District Sialkot, Page-105

Alnassar S see Altamimi T

Al-Qazaqi R A see Mwafi N R

Al-Rammahi Y M H J see Al-Jaeed A H O

Al-Rawashdeh I M see Mwafi N R

Alshahrani M S see Tedla J S

Alshehri A see Kiran F

Altaf A see Shah S Al

Altaf H N see Farooqui F

Altaf S see Khushnood K

Altaf B see Jawed S

Altaf B see Jawed S

Altaf S see Khushnood K

Al-Tameemi H N et al

Effectiveness and radiation dose of computerized tomography virtual hysterosalpingography in the evaluation of female infertility: Systematic review and meta-analysis, Page-114



Altamimi T et al

Medical students’ perceptions of their

educational environment in an integrated

curriculum in Saudi Arabia, Page-672

Altan H A see Moralar D G

Altin E see Yazici C M

Altun E C see Ozkan C G

Altunbas E see Ozkaya S

Al-Turkait D see Usmani S

Alvi A A see Ishtiaq S

Alvi M A see Cheema H A

Alvi T et al

Role play a teaching strategy for psychiatry — students’ comparative perspective versus traditional teaching, Page-1740

Alvi A R see Riaz Q

Alvi A R see Riaz Q

Alvi A S see Sajid I

Aly S M see Kiran F

Aly S M see Mehnaz A

Aly S M see Murad N

Aly S M see Jawaid M

AmanUllah M et al

Health insurance acceptance of female labour force: A special focus on reproductive health, Page-1089

Ambreen A et al

General practitioner’s ,(GP), home management guidelines for COVID-19 patients: Guidelines, Page-982

Ambreen H et al

Effects of bilateral arm training on upper extremity function in right and left hemispheric stroke, Page-302

Ameer A see Chaudhary S

Ameer S see Adil A

Amin E see Nakhuda A

Amin I et al

Heterotrophic calcification of medial collateral ligament of knee joint: A case report, Page-756

Amin M et al

Endoxifen: A new hope for Bipolar Disorder,


Amin Z see Wasim T

Amin R see Rafique S

Amir M see Farooqui F

Amjad I see Ambreen H

Amjad R A see Ahmad W

Ammar A S et al

Neck exploration for a huge synovial sarcoma case report and literature review, Page-766

Ammar A S et al

Predictors of lower limb amputations in patients with diabetic foot ulcers presented in a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan, Page- 2163

Ammar A S

A case report of abdominal sponge in ileum in a patient with intestinal obstruction, Page-373

Andleeb N et al

Relationship between clinical anger and suicidal ideation among people with physical disabilities, Page-2442

Andleeb S N see Ahsan S

Andrades M see Ambreen A

Anis ur Rehman see Rehman S

Anis-Ul-Haque M see Agha S A

Anjum M N see Cheema H A

Anjum S see Kareem 0

Anjum I see Aslam K

Anjum Q,


Covibesity — transitional pandemic, Page- 2698

Anjum S see Yameen M A

Ansar A et al

Is behaviourism really dead? A scoping review to document the presence of behaviourism in current medical education, Page-1214

Ansari A et al

Using World Health Organisation near miss approach to assess preventable maternal morbidity and mortality at a tertiary care hospital, Page-2721

Anum F see Javed Z

Anuwatnonthakate A see Wang D

Anwar J see Shabbir U

Anwar M I see Ghafoor R

Anwar N see Manzoor A

Anwar N et al

Additional cytogenetic abnormalities in chronic myeloid leukaemia; an experience from Pakistan, Page-633

Anwar N see Waseem N

Anwar I see Aslam A

Anwar M see Munir Z

Anwar M I see Rafi A

Anwar N see Haya Ul Mujtaba

Anwar ul Haque see Sohail H

Aqeel M see Ahmed A

Aqeel M et al

Self-harm behaviour psychopathological distress and suicidal ideation in normal and deliberate self-harm outpatient’s adults, Page-2143

Aqeel M et al

The association among perception of osteoarthritis with adverse pain anxiety symptoms of depression positive and negative affects in patients with knee osteoarthritis: A cross sectional study, Page-645

Aras G see Arkin F S

Ari B et al

Bilateral congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia with neurofibromatosis type 1, Page- 1499

Ari B see Kuyubasi S N

Arif A et al

Stress and coping strategies in parents of children with special needs, Page-1369

Arif A see Motiwala M A

Arif M A see Arif S A

Arif M A see Mahmood T

Arif M A see Rehman H

Arif S A et al

Frequency and impact of individual symptoms on quality of life in dry eye disease in patients presenting to a tertiary care hospital, Page-1063

Arif S A see Khan M I

Arif S see Khalid H

Arif A see Jafar S

Arif M A see Syed F

Arif M see Rehman S

Arif M A et al

The oracle study- fibromyalgia prevalence and severity in the hospital setting in the Pakistani population, Page-1357

Arif S A see Arif M A

Arif S et al

Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate receptor Encephalitis as a potential cause of worsening Herpes Simplex Virus Encephalitis, Page-569

Arif S see Arif S

Arif T see Nagani N I


Arkin F S et al

Spondylodiscitis presenting as pleural effusion in a geriatric female: A case report, Page-543

Arora M see Kalra S

Arora S see Kalra S

Arora S see Kalra S

Arora S see Kalra S

Arora S see Kalra S

Arora V see Kalra S

Arora V see Kalra S

Arora V see Kalra S

Arouj K see Zaman S

Arouj K see Zaman S

Arsh A et al

Reliability of modified functional reach test in the assessment of balance function in people with spinal cord injury: A systematic review, Page-2040

Arsh A see Ahmed A

Arshad A et al

Correlation of serum calcium with severity

of acute ischaemic Stroke, Page-1882

Arshad A et al

Knowledge and attitude towards identification and management of sepsis among resident physicians in a tertiary care teaching hospital in Pakistan, Page-1000

Arshad K see Iqbal A

Arshad M A et al

Subinguinal versus peritesticular diameters of varicocele veins in the supine and standing posture, Page-2766

Arshad M see Mufti S

Arshad N see Ahmed M

Arshad A see Nasir M F

Arshad M see Sajid M I

Arshad N see Akram M U

Arslan J see Jamshed H

Asad D see Shuja S H

Asad M J see Iqbal R

Asad M J see Shamshad S

Asghar A see Rizwan A

Asghar A see Rizwan A

Asghar M S et al

Past present and future of surgical simulation and perspective of a developing country: A narrative review, Page-2770

Asghar M S see Shabbir U

Asghar M S see Afzal A

Asghar S see Syed F

Asghar M S see Afzal A

Asghar N see Ahmad W

Asghar N see Shah M

Asghar S see Iram M

Asghar S see Wasim T

Ashfaq F see Kashif M

Ashfaq T see Ambreen A

Ashfaq R see Abbasi M

Ashfaq T see Abubakar M

Ashiq K et al

A comprehensive review on gout: The epidemiological trends pathophysiology clinical presentation diagnosis and treatment, Page-1234

Ashiq S see Ashiq K

Ashiqali S see Ladak A

Ashraf A et al

Emotional response bias autistic traits and paranormal beliefs in patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Page-1596

Ashraf F see Arif A

Ashraf F see Jafar S


Ashraf K et al

Six-minute walk distance ECOG Performance Status and Modified Borg Scale scores in a cohort of Pakistani men and women with noncancerous end-stage liver disease selected for liver transplant, Page-1162

Ashraf M et al

Audit: Improvement in the quality of patient notes: A report of a closed loop audit quality improvement project at a neurosurgical department in Pakistan, Page-1515

Ashraf M et al

Determinants of medication adherence in patients with HIV: Application of the health belief model, Page-1409

Ashraf F see Zareen G

Ashraf M et al

Factors affecting successful scale-up of health-related pilot projects, Page-518

Ashraf M,

The Journey of Enlightenment, Page-1921

Ashraf N see Ashraf M

Ashraf U see Khattak M J

Asif S see Liaqat I

Asif U see Bano N

Asif E see Khan U

Asif F,

Research in vulnerable communities, a long journey from vulnerability to empowerment, Page-177

Asif M see Shoaib N F

Asim M A et al

Assessment of complications of the open treatment of mandibular condylar fracture, Page-1689

Asim H M see Khan I

Asiri F see Tedla J S

Asjid R see Umbreen F

Askary G see Ali M F

Aslam B see Basit M

Aslam N see Ahmed A

Aslam A et al

Sensory symptoms on admission as a predictor of respiratory insufficiency in patients of Guillain-Barre Syndrome , (GBS), Page-446

Aslam K et al

Evaluation of practices of macular ganglion cell complex scan in early detection of glaucoma, Page-130

Aslam M et al

Exer-gaming reduces fall risk and improves mobility after stroke, Page-1673

Asma T see Younas M

Atak O C see Cavusoglu T

Atas B et al

Paediatric systemic lupus erythematosus: A single referral centre experience, Page-136

Athar Y see Sajid M

Atif M see Habib A A

Atif S et al

Salivary and imaging-based biomarkers of radiation therapy-induced xerostomia, Page-938

Atif M see Abubakar M

Atik D et al

Evaluation of the relationship between testosterone levels and burnout levels and job satisfaction in emergency department female employees: A prospective study, Page-272

Atiq H see Habib M I

Atique H see Akram M U

Atta K see Jawed S


Atta H see Tarar S H

Aurangzeb B et al

Risk factors for mortality among admitted children with complications of measles in Pakistan: An observational study, Page-497

Awan M A see Shaheen F

Awan M S see Vardag A B

Awan M A et al

Outcomes of 27gauge pars plana vitrectomy for a variety of posterior segment diseases, Page-2570

Awan M S see Qureshi T A

Awan M M A see Khushnood K

Awan M M A see Khushnood K

Ayaz A see Arshad A

Ayaz A see Arshad A

Ayaz S B see Ashraf K

Aydin B G see Kucukosman G

Aygin D see Bozdemir H

Ayub H see Khan A A

Ayub R see Kiran F

Ayyub A see Shakeel R

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