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Qudsia Anjum - Associate Editor, JPMA.

March, 2010

Internet is one of the wonders of scientific technology that has made distances short. Even being faraway from the country; email seems to be a swift way of communication with your colleagues and fellow beings. One fine morning, going through email, I clicked on an email from Dr Fatema Jawad, asking to write about "my experience with the JPMA". I was excited, kept on thinking how to put my tremendous experience into words, as words can\'t express what I have actually gained from there personally and professionally.
It\'s not a very long time I joined JPMA, but still if I start counting, it is over five years I am a member of this prestigious journal. To this day, I remember the first day in the office; it was the 30th anniversary of Dr Sarwar Jehan Zuberi\'s (Late) editorship, devotion and dedication to the journal. She was the one who introduced me to the world of medical journalism; I was delighted and excited for the forth coming challenges. Then soon shocking news stunned the medical community that mother of JPMA (Dr Sarwar Jehan Zuberi) is no more with us. I thought now I shall not get a chance to be an effective team member as I was just a fresh bird to join. Nonetheless, I was given a very warm welcome and motherly affection from Dr Fatema Jawad, who took responsibility of the shaken pillars of the journal. In her sweet and pleasant voice, she has always been there for any problem we have had in the office. She held our hands and taught us all the minute and giant things carried out in the office. The best was the art of communicating with the furious authors and other officials attending the office for various purposes. Dr Fatema is not only an editor-in-chief of the JPMA, rather she is the one looking after almost every bits and pieces of the official work, be it website, publication, managerial, financial, editing, compiling, or teaching training of the new staff. Within a few years of my work and attachment with the journal, I was being given a task of working as an associate editor for the journal. It was incredible to hear that, but then I was really thankful to Allah Almighty and adorable Dr Fatema Jawad for giving me this great opportunity. This gave a new turn and I was even more involved with the official work, although I attended office once in a week, but I became an important member and with the other officials part of the decision making team for the publication matters. She took the initiative of giving the website a new look, making submission and peer review of the articles more efficient. The students\' corner is also one fascinating part of the journal, with young enthusiastic minds bringing in their research work for publication. I was already interested and part of the teaching faculty, so this gave me even more vigour to teach these bright stars. I was enjoying the work with JPMA when fortunately or unfortunately, I have to move abroad, it was a very difficult decision to take, but life is like that. I am not physically present at the office, but still to this day remember the golden period in the office with other energetic team work.
I wish the very best for the journal and the tremendous team under the leadership of Dr Fatema Jawad to flourish in future and continue as one of the most prosperous journal nationally and internationally.



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