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Dr Muhammad Hanif Shiwani - Barnsley General Hospital, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

March, 2010

I feel proud to be invited to write about my experience with the JPMA. It was four years ago that I first started writing for the journal. Since then I have found JPMA a very useful medium where I could express myself and communicate with the medical community in Pakistan. This is only one of two Pubmed indexed journals of Pakistan which are widely available to international readers. As well as being an avid reader, I have contributed as a reviewer, advisor and by writing editorials, letters and reviews. I find JPMA an honest, loud and bold organ of medical journalism in Pakistan.
I live and work in UK and visit the office of JPMA on every visit to Karachi and every time, I have been very impressed to see the amount and quality of work has been produced with the limited resources available to the team.
Publishing a journal on monthly basis and maintaining high standards is not without the dedication and the hard work of the team involved. It would be unfair not to mention the qualities that Dr Fatema Jawad , the editor-in- chief, has demonstrated to maintain the standard of the journal. She has proved to possess great leadership, editorial and professional skills to maintain high integrity and reputation of the journal.
The contribution of Pakistani doctors working in developed countries would have a significant effect on the quality of the journal. I will continue to encourage and suggest to my colleagues who work abroad to contribute as much as possible to raise the profile of the journal.



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