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Dr A. R. Jamali - Department of Orthopedic, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi.

March, 2010

My association with JPMA is a short one as compared to my other colleagues. However my journey began eleven years ago when I submitted couple of articles for publication. One fine morning I received an offer to join the editorial board of JPMA. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted at this offer.  This period of joy and happiness was quickly taken over by the added responsibilities. I had to read several books on research methodology in clinical medicine. I admit it was difficult to change my focus from a writer to a reviewer, while maintaining the fine balance between the aspirations of a writer and the requirements of the journal.
It has been a continuous learning process for me since my association with JPMA.  It consumes a great deal of time to review the literature before I find it possible to review the article. I also learntto adapt a positive attitude during this processby appreciating the positive aspects of an article and suggesting improvements where required.
My only worry during these years was the timely publication of the journal and I must compliment the Editor in Chief and her team for this commendable job.
This journal has continued to be the star among the medical journals published in Pakistan because of its highest standards despite the sad demise of Dr Sarwar Jehan Zuberi whose services will always be remembered. This is because of untiring efforts of Dr Fatima Jawad and her team.The quality of articles published in JPMA is very high and can be compared with any international journal.


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