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Ali Yawar Alam - Community Health Sciences, Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad.

March, 2010

Medical Journalism has drastically revolutionized in recent times. Some of the worth mentioning reforms from the consumers point of view include Bench press (Online manuscript submission and online review), Editors Quick Review (Immediate rejection or sent for detailed peer review), Online Journal publication (BMC series and other) and online availability of full text version of articles for online journals. All these measures have influenced at least  two things; cut down on use of paper and drastically reduced communication time between authors, editors, reviewers and ultimately the medial journal readers.
JPMA is the oldest of the four medical journals of Pakistan,  indexed with Index Medicus. JPMA stands out in terms of performance from the authors stand point  in comparison to it\'s counterparts. Despite a very limited staff and resources, the Editor JPMA makes sure to acknowledge receipt of each manuscript and  provides timely reviewers comments to authors. In comparison one of the other indexed journal of Pakistan does not let you know the status of the submitted manuscript even after repeated reminders over a two year period. Getting acknowledgement from that journal for the  submitted article, is ubiquitously an unfulfilled undertaking. Yet another indexed journal of Pakistan would keep on sending letters to you mentioning a wrong title of the submitted manuscript. They would insist you to incorporate Reviewers comments, stating that otherwise the manuscript would not be published. Ironically the article they would be referring to would have already been published in their own prestigious journal months before. Doesn\'t  it look similar to \'Intention to Treat Analysis,\' \'Analyze in the same group as initially Randomized.\' \'Once indexed to Index Medicus remains always indexed, no matter what performance you give and whatever quality you produce?\'
A special feature of JPMA which I really like is the \'Students Corner,\'  not available in other indexed journals. This portal has provided a launching pad for medical students for their publishing career ahead.
JPMA still has a long way to go;  Online manuscript submission and Review system, enriching it\'s pool of Quality Reviewers and broadening it\'s Editorial board base could take JPMA to newer heights. Congratulations to JPMA, especially the Editor and the dedicated team on the auspicious occasion of 60th Anniversary.



Research articles conducted on animals, will not be considered for processing or publication in the JPMA.







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