Issue Vol:64, No:9 September, 2014


Nanotechnology and its implication in medical science
Syed Ahsan Ali, Muhammad Tariq,

A revolution is occurring in science and technology in the form of a novel technology called Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is considered to be an emerging technology due to the possibility of creating new innovative products with completely new characteristics and functions with enormous potenti....

Original Articles

Effect of an intervention on attitudes towards domestic violence among Iranian girls
Yalda Soleiman Ekhtiari, Davoud Shojaeizadeh, Abbas Rahimi Foroushani, Fazlollah Ghofranipour, Batoul Ahmadi,

Objective: To evaluate the effect of an intervention based on the Precede-Proceed Model on attitudes towards prevention of Domestic Violence among Iranian girls.
Methods: The randomised controlled trial was conducted during 2010-11 at 10 high schools in District 17 of Tehran ....

Intellectual wellness awareness: a neglected area in medical universities of Pakistan
Ayesha Saba Naz, Rehana Rehman, Shah Jahan Katpar, Mehwish Hussain,

Objective: To compare the presence of intellectual wellness awareness in students of public and private sector medical colleges in a metropolitan city.
Methods: The cross-sectional questionnaire-based survey was conducted from March to November 2011 at Bahria University Medic....

Assessment of internet addiction and loneliness in secondary and high school students
Tugce Koyuncu, Alaettin Unsal, Didem Arslantas,

Objective: To determine the frequency of Internet addiction and loneliness in secondary and high school students.
Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted between May 7 and June 8, 2012, among secondary and high school students in Sivrihisar, which is a district in ru....

Intralesional triamcinolone alone and in combination with 5-fluorouracil for the treatment of Keloid and Hypertrophic scars
Muhammad Aslam Khan, Muhammad Mustehsan Bashir, Farid Ahmad Khan,

Objective: To compare the use of intralesional triamcinolone acetonide and its combination with 5 flourouracil in the treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars in terms of reduction in initial height of the scar.
Methods: The randomised controlled trial was conducted at the ....

Pre-natal genetic counseling in a resource limited country - a single center geneticist's perspectives
Bushra Afroze, Fyezah Jehan,

Objective: To assess the needs related to prenatal genetic counselling in a developing country.
Methods: The prospective observational study was conducted at the Prenatal-Genetic Counselling Clinic of Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, from October 2007 to September 2010.....

Outcome of primigravida with high head at term
Farhana Shaikh, Shabnam Shaikh, Najma Shaikh,

Objective: To determine the progress of labour, need of medical and surgical intervention and foetal and maternal outcome in primigravida with high head at term
Methods: The prospective descriptive study was conducted at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Peoples U....

Outcome of one stage combined open reduction, pelvic and derotation femoral osteotomy in congenital dislocated hips of children younger than three years age
Anisuddin Bhatti, Jagdesh Kumar, Siraj Ahmed Butt,

Objective: To determine the outcome of one-stage combined operative management of congenital dislocation of hips in children aged 18-36 months.
Methods: The descriptive case series study was conducted at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centr....

Role of dissection in light of students' perceptions
Khadija Qamar, Mohammad Osama,

Objective: To observe students' perception of gross anatomy dissection.
Methods: The qualitative study comprised second year medical students of Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, and was conducted in July, 2013. Data was collected over three weeks through quota sampling. Foc....

Evaluation of the awareness and perception of professional students in medicine, business and law schools of Karachi, regarding the use of (recreational) cannabis
Sameen Khalid, Wajeeha Zaidi, Farah Ahmad,

Objective: To assess the awareness and perception of students attending professional medicine, law and business schools regarding recreational use of cannabis.
Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted between June 2010 and November 2010. Using convenience sampling, 15....

A qualitative study on menopause described from the man's perspective
Seyhan Hidiroglu, Ozlem Tanriover, Pinar Ay, Melda Karavus,

Objective: To look at menopause from men's point of view and to provide a better understanding of this phase to improve the care delivered to menopausal women.
Methods: The study was conducted at the health centre of a single district of Istanbul, from April 2013 to June 201....

Determining the diagnostic value of endogenous carbon monoxide in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease exacerbations
Nurettin Ozgur Dogan, Seref Kerem Corbacioglu, Fikret Bildik, Isa Kilicaslan, Gul Pamukcu Gunaydin, Yunsur Cevik, Volkan Ulker, Onur Hakoglu, Emre Gokcen,

Objective: To determine whether endogenous carbon monoxide levels in exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients were higher compared to healthy individuals and to investigate alteration of carbon monoxide levels across the three different severity stages of Global Init....

Causes of poisoning in patients evaluated in a hospital emergency department in Konya, Turkey
Hasan Kara, Aysegul Bayir, Selim Degirmenci, Seyit Ali Kayis, Murat Akinci, Ahmet Ak, Ahmet Agacayak, Melih Azap,

Objectives: To evaluate demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with poisoning at a community hospital.
Methods: The retrospective study comprised records of patients who were admitted to the emergency department of Konya Numune Hospital, Turkey, because of pois....

Dyslipidaemia in woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome: A case control study in tertiary care hospital of Karachi
Amna Hussain, Junaid Mahmood Alam,

Objective: To compare lipid profile in lean and obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome with normal weight and obese controls.
Method: The case-control study was conducted at the Department of Chemical Pathology, Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi, from March 2006 to Apri....

Effects of aerobic exercise training on maternal and neonatal outcome: a randomized controlled trial on pregnant women in Iran
Zahra Ghodsi, Maryam Asltoghiri,

Objective: To assess the effect of aerobic exercise training on maternal and neonatal outcome
Methods: The case-control study was conducted between January and July, 2011. It was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of Toyserkan Azad University, and data was collected at....

Farsi version of the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control and God Locus of Health Control Scales: validity and reliability study among Iranian women with a family history of breast cancer
Masoumeh Hashemian, Farkhonde Aminshokravi, Alireza Hidarnia, Minoor Lamyian, Kazem Hassanpour, Arash Akaberi, Mahdi Moshki,

Objective: To determine the Persian version's reliability and validity of the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control and God Health Locus of Control scales among women with family history of breast cancer.
Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted in Sabzevar, Iran,....

Frequency of hyper-homocysteinaemia in ischaemic stroke patients of Karachi
Munir Sadiq, Muhammad Tanveer Alam, Muhammad Adnan Kanpurwala, Muhammad Shahzeb Khan,

Objective: To find out the frequency of hyper-homocysteinaemia in ischaemic stroke patients and its relation with other risk factors.
Methods: The cross-sectional study based on convenience sampling was conducted at the Civil Hospital, Karachi, from May to July 2012. It compr....

Review Articles

Pender's health promotion model in medical research
Abbas Heydari, Fatemeh Khorashadizadeh,

This review shows how researchers use pander's health promotion model. We included all articles in which Pender's health promotion has been used for theoretical framework. Eligible articles were selected according to review of abstracts. Search was conducted using the electronic database from 1....

Case Reports

Coexistence of hepatocelluler carcinoma and cyst hydatid disease of the liver
Sevdegul Karadas, Ahmet Cumhur Dulger, Hayriye Gonullu, Gulay Bulut, Mehmet Beyazal,

The evidence suggests that both delta hepatitis-related hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and cyst hydatid disease (CHD) are frequently seen separately in people who live in the rural areas of Asia. However, there are still a few case reports about coexistence of these different diseases in the same....

Mad honey intoxication mimicking acute coronary syndrome
Ali Dur, Ertan Sonmez, Cemil Civelek, Kenan Ahmet Turkdogan, Mehmet Akif Vatankulu, Ozgur Sogut,

Mad honey intoxication or grayanotoxin poisoning is caused by consumption of grayanotoxin-containing toxic honey produced from leaves and flowers of the Rhododendron family. Despite the rarity of intoxication cases, the correct diagnosis and treatment are required because of the significance of h....

Persistent metabolic acidosis and severe diarrhoea due to Artemisia absinthium poisoning
Celebi Kocaoglu, Ahmet Ozel,

Herbs have long been used in the treatment of various disorders in traditional medicine since ancient age. Artemisia absinthium, one of these herbs, has traditionally been used in different societies for antibiotic, antiparasitic, antifungal and antipyretic purposes. Here, we report a poisoning c....

Mediastinal enteric cyst
Niaz Hussain, Sana Wahab, Anum Javed, Ahmar Mehmood,

A 20-year-old female presented with complaints of right-sided chest pain, cough, fever and shortness of breath for the preceding one-and-a-half year. Air entry was decreased over the middle and lower chest. Computed tomography scan of the chest revealed a cystic lesion with thick margins present ....

A rare cause of lower urinary tract symptoms: retrovesical hydatid cyst
Hakan Ercil, Guclu Gurlen, Navzat Can Sener, Adem Altunkol, Faruk Kuyucu, Yalcin Evliyaoglu,

Retrovesical cysts are extremely rare. For differential diagnosis radiologic findings and serologic tests can be used. In this article, we aimed to report our approach to diagnose and to treat a primary huge hydatid cyst in retrovesical space, between sigmoid colon and bladder. A 34-year old pati....

Student's Corner

Choroidal neo-vascularization presentation in younger age group (pre-senile)
Mehak Shehzad, Tariq Aziz,

Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is the most common cause of permanent visual loss in the elderly. Advancing age, as the name suggests, is a major risk factor. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) along with other factors could be responsible for the dramatic damage in the eyes. Altho....

IORT: Possible change in early breast cancer management?
Muhammad Asad Khan, Muhammad Haseeb Zubair, Faizan Nihal,

Madam, breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women due to cancer, especially in the age group of 45-49 years. In Pakistan, the most frequently diagnosed cancer in females is the breast cancer (1 out 5 women).1 Special attention has been given to the management of b....

Evidence Based Medicine

The impact of green tea and coffee consumption on risk of stroke in Japanese population
Quratulain Nauman Shaikh, Adeel Ali Memon, Ayeesha Kamran Kamal,

Why is this study important?
One of the world's most renowned beverages is tea. Many prospective cohort studies have reported that green tea consumption is linked with reduction in many cardiovascular disease mortalities. Furthermore, coffee is also associated with reduction in dia....

Learning Research

Clinical trials - discussing your findings
Shirin Anil,

Discussing findings of a clinical trial gives an opportunity to the investigator to elaborate the meaning of the findings of the trial. It should consist of the major findings, interpretation of the results in light of the available literature, theory and practice, limitations, generalizability o....

Recent Advances In Endocrinology

Hypoglycaemia in diabetes
Sanjay Kalra,

Hypoglycaemia is perhaps the most common complication of diabetes management. Often fatal, this condition can easily be prevented and managed. This paper reviews recent advances in understanding the causes of iatrogenic hypoglycaemia in diabetes, and the clinical risk factors associated with it. ....

News & Events


Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), Karachi will celebrate 40 years of its services by holding an International Symposium on Recent Advances in Urology, Nephrology, GI Hepatology, Paediatrics, Transplantation & Bioethics from 8th to 12th December, 2015.Social and economic aspects of health care especially in a developing country will also be included.
Important Dates: Last date for Abstract submission:31st July 2015
Last Date for early registration: 30. September, 2015




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