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   Issue Vol:67, No:10 October, 2017
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The minimal role of the medical professionals in preventive medicine in Pakistan

Zubeida Mustafa.

A recent report issued by the British Heart Foundation said, "More than 20 million people in the UK are physically inactive. Inactivity increases the risk of heart disease and costs the NHS around 1.2bn each year."1

Seventeen years ago in 2005, the

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Predictive accuracy of anti mullerian hormone as indicator of ovarian follicle loss in cyclophosphamide treated mice

Zehra Jamil, Khalida Perveen, Rabia Malik, Lubna Avesi.

Objective: To evaluate the strength of anti-mullerian hormone in reflecting the stages of ovarian toxicity-induced by cyclophosphamide.

Methods: This study was conducted in December 2014 and comprised female mice that were divided into four groups: group A served as cont

Simulation based medical education; teaching normal delivery on intermediate fidelity simulator to medical students

Nighat Shah, Lubna Baig, Nusrat Shah, Riffat Hussain, Syed Moyn Aly.

Objective: To assess the effectiveness of medium fidelity simulator in teaching normal vaginal delivery to medical students.

Methods: The quasi-experimental study was conducted at the professional development centre of the Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Karachi, from June

Pentoxifylline and Pentaglobin adjuvant therapies for neonatal nosocomial sepsis in neonates less than 1500g weight

Sahin Hamilcikan, Emrah Can, Ovgu Buke, Can Polat, Esra Ozcan.

Objective: To compare different support therapies in very low birth-weight preterm neonates with nosocomial sepsis.

Methods: This clinical pilot study was conducted at the Bagcilar Research and Training Hospital, Istanbul, Turke

Effectiveness of multidisciplinary approach in patients undergoing therapy for chronic hepatitis C

Nooman Gilani, Hector Rodriguez-Luna, Muhammad Farooq Hanif, Sally Stipho, Erin Tharalson, Michele Young, Francisco Ramirez.

Objective: To assess the effect of a multidisciplinary approach on the outcome of treatment for hepatitis C virus infection.

Methods: This retrospective study was conducted at the gastroenterology division by primary care providers at Phoenix VA Healthcare system in Phoenix,

The distribution of Aedes aegypti (diptera, culicidae) in eight selected parks of Lahore, using oviposition traps during rainy season

Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi, Amtul Bari Tabinda, Seemal Vehra.

Objective: To investigate the seasonal distribution of immature habitat of Aedes aegypti mosquito species and its association with environmental and climatic conditions.

Methods: This descriptive study was conducted in eight pa

Assessment of caregiver burden of patients receiving dialysis treatment in Rawalpindi

Hassan Bin Usman Shah, Iffat Atif, Farah Rashid, Muhammad Waleed Babar, Faizan Arshad, Waqar Qamar, Owais Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Luqman Qadir.

Objective: To determine the burden on the caregivers of patients receiving dialysis treatment.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out in four different dialysis centres of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, from June 1 to December1, 2015, and comprised attendants of patients

Scalpel versus diathermy of midline skin incisions: comparison of mean pain scores on second post-operative day

Summaya Saeed, Aun Ali, Saima Zainab, Muhammad Taha Junaid Khan.

Objective: To determine the mean post-operative pain in scalpel versus diathermy opening of midline laparotomies.

Methods: The randomised controlled study was conducted at Civil Hospital and Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, from May to November 2010, and comprised

Non-suicidal self-injury among children with hearing loss and intellectual disability

Bushra Akram, Amina Tariq, Zeeshan Rafi.

Objective: To find the prevalence and to identify the predictors of non-suicidal self-injury among school-going children.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted at the University of Gujrat, Gujrat Pakistan, from September 2015 to October 2016, and comprised childr

Absence of SNCA polymorphisms in Pakistani Parkinsons disease patients

Anwarullah, Aneesa Sultan, Muhammad Asad Usmani, Maliha Ghaffar, Johar Ali, Mazhar Badshah, Nafees Ahmad.

Objective: To elucidate the genetic risk and role of alpha-synuclein gene in the pathogenesis of Parkinson\'s disease in Pakistani population.

Methods: This case-control study was conducted at Institute of Biomedical and Genetic Engineering (IBGE), Islamabad from May 2013

Urdu translation and validation of shorter version of Positive Affect and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) on Pakistani bank employees

Noreen Akhter.

Objective: To translate, adapt and validate shorter version of positive affect and negative affect scale on Pakistani corporate employees.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi from October 2014 to December 2015. The

MiR-34-a acts as a suppressor in neuroblastoma progression by targeting CD44

Jiang Chen, Lu Hongting, Lv Shaoping, Chen Xin, Dong Qian.

Objective: To verify whether micro ribonucleic acid 34-a can exert its negative effects in human neuroblastoma cells.

Methods: The study was conducted at The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, Qingdao, Shandong, China during 15 months (from March 2015 to about June 2

Evaluation of dental anxiety among children visiting Paediatric Dental Department at Children Hospital

Afsheen Ahmad, Mohammad Shoaib Ayub Kazi, Iftikhar Ahmad.

Objective: To determine efficacy of the Urdu version of Dental Subscale of Children\'s Fear Survey Schedule on children for identifying children with dental anxiety.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted at the Children\'s Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan, in Novem

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Urdu translation and validation of GAD-7: A screening and rating tool for anxiety symptoms in primary health care

Sabih Ahmad, Sadiq Hussain, Farrukh Saleem Shah, Farrukh Akhtar.

Objective: To translate and validate Generalized Anxiety Disorder -7scale in Urdu, for use in Pakistan in the primary healthcare setups.

Methods: The validation study was conducted at the Combined Military Hospital, Gilgit, Pakistan, from February to May 2016.We followed a s

Carbapenemases among Acinetobacter species isolated from NICU of a tertairy care hospital in Karachi

Fakhuruddin Indhar, Muhammad Asif Durrani, Amir Bux, Muhammad Sohail.

Objective: To determine the carbapenemases in carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter species.
Methods: This descriptive, cross-sectional study was carried out at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi, from March to December 2014, and comprised Acinetobacter

Comparison of embryo morphokinetics following intracytoplasmic sperm injection in smoker and non-smoker couples: Are the results different?

Ahmet Salvarci, Ali Sami Gurbuz, Sukru Uzman, Melek Kaya, Huseyin Gorkemli.

Objective: To assess early embryo development via time-lapse in smokers and non-smokers.

Methods: The retrospective study was conducted at Novafertil IVF centers in Konya, Turkey and comprised oocytes of both smoker and non-smok

Internal mammary artery flow in different racial groups of Pakistan

Mudassir Iqbal Dar, Asim Hassan Dar, Mansoor Ahmed, Abdul Haseeb, Muhammad Bilal.

Objective: To find out any differences in free flow of internal mammary artery among different ethnic groups.
Methods: This observational, cross-sectional study was conducted at the Civil Hospital, Karachi, from January 2013 to December 2015, and comprised patients

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Dietary habits, lifestyle pattern and obesity among young Saudi university students

Mohamad Nidal Khabaz, Marwan Abdulrahman Bakarman, Mukhtiar Baig, Tawfik Mohammed Ghabrah, Mamdouh Abdullah Gari, Nadeem Shafiq Butt, Faisal Alghanmi, Abdulaziz Balubaid, Ahmed Alzahrani, Safwan Hamouh.

Objective: To investigate dietary habits, lifestyle pattern and obesity in young university students.
Methods: This cross-sectional study was performed at the Rabigh campus of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from March to May 2016, and comprised healthy male

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Prevalence of myths concerning growth and health of children among females of local population of Pakistan

Khaula Atif, Tehmina Babar, Syed Abid Hassan Naqvi, Annam Javed, Afeera Afsheen, Karishma Ehsan.

Objectives: To analyse the prevalence of myths among women regarding growth and health-related issues of children, and to study the impact of basic demographic factors in this regard.
Methods: The educational, cross-sectional, descriptive study was carried out at the Combined


The determination of infant feeding attitudes among Turkish mothers using the Iowa Infant Feeding Attitude Scale

Sumeyra Topal, Hilal Uslu Yuvaci, Unal Erkorkmaz, Nursan Cinar, Sevin Altinkaynak.

Objective: To assess whether the Iowa Infant Feeding Attitude Scale is a valid and reliable scale for Turkish mothers, and to assess maternal attitudes toward various aspects of infant feeding.
Methods: This methodological, analytical study was conducted at the obstetrics and

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Comparison of characteristics of femtosecond laser-assisted anterior capsulotomy versus manual continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis: A meta-analysis of 5-year results

Muhammad Hassaan Ali, Samee Ullah, Usman Javaid, Mamoona Javaid, Samreen Jamal, Nadeem Hafeez Butt.

Objective: To perform a meta-analysis on the precision and safety of femtosecond laser-assisted anterior capsulotomy versus conventional manual continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis.
Methods: This meta-analysis was conducted from February 2010 to November 2014. Literature sea

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Recent advances in diagnostic and prognostic aspects of acute myeloid leukaemia

Bibi Kulsoom, Tahir Sultan Shamsi, Nikhat Ahmed, Syed Nazrul Hasnain.

Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) is a group of haematological malignant disorders. Although not a new disease, many studies have been conducted to explore AML etiology, pathogenesis and prognosis at molecular level over the past two decades. A meticulous and conti

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Causes and severity of suicide in developed nations of East Asia

Sumaira Kanwal, Shazia Perveen, Yaqoot Sumbla.

It is considered that people from poor countries get depressed which ultimately leads to suicide. It is estimated that one million people commit suicide every year worldwide. It is considered from statistics that global annual suicide fatalities could rise to 1.5 million by 2020. Economically and

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Burden of Zinc (Zn) deficiency: A high volume clinical laboratory data analysis

Hafsa Majid, Shabnum Khawaja, Aysha Habib Khan, Imran Siddqui, Farooq Ghani, Lena Jafri.

A cross-sectional survey was done at the Section of Chemical Pathology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, AKUH, Karachi, to determine frequency of Zn deficiency, the second major micronutrient deficiency in developing countries, in subjects coming for investigations. Data of plasma

Awareness about swine flu/H1N1 influenza virus among the tertiary population of Lahore, Pakistan

Rehan Ahmad Khan Sherwani.

The prevalence of pandemic and viral diseases like dengue, diphtheria, Congo virus and now influenza A (H1N1) virus (swine flu) has been creating trouble among the residents of Punjab, Pakistan due to high mortality rates. People have not yet forgotten the dramatic spread and the resulting deaths

Identification of TBc: Using MTP 64 protein and cord formation

Abdul Mannan, Shagufta Iram, Adeel Ahmad, Shahida Hussain, Bilal Munir Ahmad.

Tuberculosis (TB) is an airborne infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The genus Mycobacterium comprises over 150 species. Non-tuberculosis Mycobacteria are the cause of opportunistic infections and frequently presents with similar clinical features like tuberculosis so species

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Pelvic abscess caused by a slow growing anaerobic bacterium, Eggerthella lenta: First case report from Pakistan

Pushpa Bhawan Mal, Irum Rafiq, Irim Iftikhar, Seema Irfan.

We report a case of intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) related pelvic abscess caused by a challenging to grow anaerobic Gram positive rod named Eggerthella lenta. A middle aged lady presented with complaints of lower abdomen pain, intermittent vaginal bleeding since two weeks. Ultrasound of

De novo descending aorta thrombus in a patient with metastatic colorectal cancer: A case report

Om Parkash, Adil Ayub, Buria Naeem, Saeed Hamid.

Thromboembolic events in patients with cancer are frequently reported in literature and usually involve the venous circulation. De novo thrombus formation in the arterial system without any underlying atherosclerosis, dissection or aneurysm is extremely rare. We report the case of a patient with

Menkes disease: A rare disorder

Sidra Kaleem Jafri, Raman Kumar, Shazia Kulsoom Lashari, Prem Chand.

Menkes disease (MD) (OMIM: 309400) is also known as kinky hair disease, trichopoliodystrophy, and steely hair. A 7-months-old, male infant presented to our outpatient department in June 2016 with history of developmental delay and seizures. Seizures started at 3 months of age and worsened progres

Twiddlers syndrome presenting as life threatening electrical storm

Shahrukh Hashmani, Aamir Hameed Khan.

A 75-year-old man underwent implantation of a single chamber implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) for primary prevention of his underlying severe non-ischaemic cardiomyopathy. Thirteen months later, he presented to the emergency room(ER) with inappropriate ICD shocks as a result of over s

Mycobacterium abscessus lymphadenitis in bone marrow transplant patient

Muhammad Khalid, Syed Asad Ali.

Non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) are acid-fast bacteria categorized into rapidly growing and slow growing mycobacteria. NTM are more common in transplant patients who are immunocompromised. Here we report the case of a post- bone marrow transplant adolescent male presenting with submandib

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Effects of virtual reality training on mobility and physical function in stroke

Arshad Nawaz Malik, Tahir Masood.

Stroke is a common disabling condition which declines the functional and mobility level. The purpose of the case series was to determine the effect of virtual reality training on sensorimotor function and mobility level in stroke patients. Ten male (40-60 year) patients of stroke (08 Infarction,

Pancreaticogastrostomy an alternate for dealing with pancreatic remnant after pancreaticoduodenectomy experience from a tertiary care center of Pakistan

Tabish Chawla, Hassaan Bari, Shahrukh Effendi.

Whipple\'s pancreaticoduodenectomy has been refined over the years to be a safe operation though the morbidity rate still remains high (30-50%). Pancreatic fistula is the most important cause of mortality following pancreaticoduodenectomy. To prevent it, surgeons have used two anastomotic techn

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Management of diabetes distress

Sanjay Kalra, Komal Verma, Yatan Pal Singh Balhara.

This article discusses a comprehensive approach to the management of diabetes distress. It mentions the screening and diagnosis of diabetes distress, and discusses its etiopathogenesis, investigations and management strategies in detail. The management of diabetes distress, termed as diabetes the

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Low salt South Asian diet

Sanjay Kalra, Nishant Choubey.

There is ample discussion about the role of added sugar in the development of metabolic syndrome, and how to minimize it. However, the impact of salt on metabolic syndrome is not understood by many primary care providers. There is minimal discussion in medical literature on patient friendly means

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Role of 5-ALA in improving extent of tumour resection in patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme

Muhammad Waqas, Inamullah Khan, Muhammad Shahzad Shamim.

Goal of surgery for patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is gross total resection with no new neurological deficits. Surgical resection is often restricted due the difficulty in differentiating the tumour from surrounding normal brain using either naked eye, or standard intra-operative whi

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Preventing cognitive decline through diet

Nadir Siddiqui, Muniba Khan.

Madam, diet and exercise influence life in many ways. In fact, people are always in pursuit of diets that are effective and easy to follow. Studies show that the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH diet) and The Mediterranean diet are beneficial for weight loss, glycaemic control in diabe

Comment on Najia Karim Ghanchi et al (J Pak Med Assoc. 2017; 2: 627-9) Perception of pathology as a future career choice among medical Students from Karachi, Pakistan: Experience from a private medical school

Asim Shaikh, Rohan Kumar Ochani, Syed Saboor Hasan.

Madam, given the importance of pathologists,1 the brilliant efforts of Ghanchi et al.2 in determining perceptions of pathology as a future career choice, are to be commended. However, we believe that some of the essential limitations have not been add

Response to comment on Najia Karim Ghanchi et al (J Pak Med Assoc. 2017; 2: 627-9) Perception of pathology as a future career choice among medical Students from Karachi, Pakistan: Experience from a private medical school

Najia Karim Ghanchi, Raabia Nizamuddin Nizamuddin, Amna Qasim, Zahra Nur Khaled, Ahmed Buksh Raheem, Natasha Ali, Naila Kayani, Mohammad Asim Beg.

The study was a cross-sectional evaluation of perceptions of students in different years of their medical education and may show trends which are specific to a particular cohort within the medical college.

This study was a snapshot of one medical college and we selected only Students of A

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Knowledge about primary health care among medical students from public and private medical universities of Karachi, Pakistan

Rubab Ehsan, Rahul Hirani, Nasha Homi Bhesania, Nosheen Zehra.

Primary health care (PHC) is the best approach to achieve health goals in a country. As medical students are a prominent part of future health care providers, it is important to assess their knowledge regarding basic concepts and functions of PHC. Total 400 medical students, 200 (50%) each from p

Is obesity endemic to Pakistan?

Fariha Hasan, Bilal Hasan.

Madam, the global epidemic of obesity has not spared Pakistan and warrants immediate attention. This is especially important in South Asia, where malnutrition is given its due attention, whereas obesity tends to be overlooked. Not only is obesity an independent determinant of poor health outcomes

Sudden infant death syndrome A medical mystery

Fahad Hassan Shaikh, Muhammad Shariq Usman, Syed Ammar Salman.

Madam, by definition, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the medically unexplained death of a seemingly healthy newborn. Although the pathophysiology of SIDS has not been established, studies have identified several risk factors. The incidence of SIDS peaks between the ages of two to four mon



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