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   Issue Vol:67, No:8 August, 2017
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Experiential learning of professionalism in icu using interprofessionalism

Shahla Siddiqui.

In many clinical practice environments, newly graduated doctors are required to effectively manage acute care situations, communicating with distressed families and to work with multi-professional teams in the acute settings.1 Presently,

Poor selection criteria for university vice chancellors in Pakistan

Sultan Ayoub Meo.

Pakistan is a home of more than 200 million people and 183 chartered universities.1 Pakistan\'s education spending has multiplied since the year 2000.In the current federal budget of year 2016-2017, the government has allocated Rs 84.19 billi

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Frequency of different blood groups and its association with BMI and blood pressure among the female medical students of Faisalabad

Shireen Jawed, Sadaf Zia, Sundus Tariq.


To determine the frequency of different blood groups among female medical students and to find the association of blood groups and body mass index with blood pressure.
This cross-sectional study was performed at the Universi

Ischaemic stroke and peripheral artery disease

Attiya Sabeen Rahman, Syed Wasim Akhtar, Qaiser Jamal, Nuzhat Sultana, Muhammad Asadullah Siddiqui, Ziaul Hassan.

To determine the frequency of atherosclerosis by ankle brachial index in patients with an ischaemic stroke and to assess the association of carotid artery stenosis and ankle brachial index in ischaemic stroke.†

Knowledge, attitude and perceptions of Muslim cancer patients regarding cancer treatment during Ramadan: Results from a tertiary care hospital Karachi

Afshan Asghar Rasheed, Yasmin Abdul Rashid, Farah Tahir Pirzada, Fawad Haroon, Adnan Abdul Jabbar, Ahmed Rahim.


To assess the knowledge and attitude of Muslim cancer patients regarding cancer treatment during Ramadan.
This cross-sectional study was conducted at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, from July to August 2015, and c

Frequency of postpartum depression and its association with breastfeeding: A cross-sectional survey at immunization clinics in Islamabad, Pakistan

Sadia Shah, Bernie Lonergan.

Objective: To calculate the point frequency of post-partum depression among mothers.
This cross-sectional, quantitative study was conducted at the immunisation clinics of General Hospital, Islamabad, and Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, K

Use of colistin for the treatment of multi drug resistant isolates in neonates

Shehla Choudhry, Ejaz Ahmad.

To determine the impact of using colistin for multidrug-resistant organisms in neonates.
Methods: This retrospective study was conducted at the Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan, and comprised microbiological data of

Antibiotics susceptibility patterns of uropathogenic E. coli with special reference to fluoroquinolones in different age and gender groups

Imran Ali, Muhammad Shabbir, Noor Ul Iman.

To identify frequency of uropathogenic Escherichia coli and its antibiotic susceptibility pattern.†
This cross-sectional study was conducted at Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan, from January 2014 to

Correlates of home and hospital delivery in Pakistan

Zainab Parveen, Maqsood Sadiq, Faisal Abbas, Rafi Amir-ud-Din.

To identify the socio-economic determinants of home-based and institutional delivery in Pakistan.†
This study† has used Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey (PDHS) data collected by the† National 

Sero-surveillance of dengue in the city Lahore, Pakistan

Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi, Amtul Bari Tabinda, Seemal Vehra.


To conduct sero-surveillance of dengue cases, and to find out the demographic and socio-economic status of dengue patients.
This community-based, cross-sectional, descriptive study was conducted at the Institute of P

Clinical manifestations of patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Adnan Khan, Mohammad Hassan Shah, Muhammad Nauman, Itizaz Hakim, Gulrukh Shahid, Palwasha Niaz, Haseeba Sethi, Shumaila Aziz, Maria Arabdin.

To determine major symptoms and signs in patients of systemic lupus erythematosus.
This cross-sectional study was conducted at the Lady Reading Hospital, Khyber Teaching Hospital and Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawa

Maternal health status in terms of utilisation of antenatal, natal and postnatal services in a Periurban setting of Islamabad ó A community based survey

Sajida Naseem, Umme Kulsoom Khattak, Haider Ghazanfar, Awais Irfan.

To determine the maternal health status in terms of antenatal, natal and postnatal care.††
This cross-sectional study was conducted at Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad, Pakistan, from August 2015 to Feb

Principled physicians are not born-they are mentored: Medical studentsí perception of the values and need of mentors at the College of Medicine, Saudi Arabia

Kamran Sattar, Hamza Mohammad Abdulghani, Tauseef Ahmad, Jennesse John, Dana Al Dabeeb, Sultan Ayoub Meo.

To discuss the perception of medical students about mentoring at the medical school.
This cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted at the King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from April 2015 to April 20

The malpractices of student nurses in clinical practice in Turkey and their causes

Havva Ozturk, Ilknur Kahriman, Serap Sokmen, Nazan Calbayram, Sebahat, Altundag, Sibel Kucuk.

The study was conducted to identify whether or not student nurses made the medical errors as well as the reasons for the errors.
A study was conducted with 1067 student nurses studying at 12 universities in Turkey. T

Clinical and histopathological features of breast cancer in Jordan: Experience from a tertiary care hospital

Fatima Obeidat, Mamoun Ahram, Ali Al Khader, Khairat Battah, Mohammad Alchalabi, Jamal Masad Melhem, Ahmad Suleiman.

To analyse breast cancer cases with respect to age, menopausal status, hormone receptors and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 expression, in addition to nodal and distant metastases.
This retrospective study

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Reusing dialyzer in low income countries: A good cost saving tactic with complex ethics

Murtaza Fakhruddin Dhrolia, Salman Imtiaz, Ruqaya Qureshi, Aasim Ahmed.

Despite almost universal practice of dialyzer reuse from the earliest days of haemodialysis, reusing dialyzer always remains a controversial issue and several ethical concerns have been raised. Some of the important are safety of reuse over single use, informed consent of

Short Reports >>

Effect of obesity on academic grades among Saudi female medical students at College of Medicine, King Saud University: Pilot study

Faryal Suraya, Sultan Ayoub Meo, Zaid Almubarak, Yazeed Abdullah Alqaseem.

The aim was to investigate the effect of obesity on academic grades among Saudi female medical students. This cross sectional study was conducted in the Department of Plastic Surgery, College of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the period November

Spatial distribution of health consultations in the past two weeks by provider type and district: Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey 2014-15

Masood Ali Shaikh.

Place is a nexus between epidemiology and Geographic Information System. In this study, the Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement survey 2014-15 data on percent distribution of health consultations, in the past 2-weeks by type of healthcare provider were mapped c

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Combating Zika virus through health counseling interventions

Anthony Ukachukwu Okere, Kay Chinonyelum Nwamaka Onyechi, Chiedu Eseadi.

Previous research efforts on Zika virus (ZikV) appear to have only focused on biomedical interventions for the patients without realizing that their culture of silence to the psychological aspect is highly reprehensible. The role and importance of health counseling cannot b

Case Reports >>

Spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality (SCIWORA) in adults: A report of two cases

Adil Aziz Khan, Shafaq Mahmood, Tayyaba Saif, Aleesha Gul.

Spinal cord injury without any radiographic abnormality (SCIWORA) is rare in adults. We describe here two case reports of adult patients, who presented to us with quadriplegia, following a road traffic accident. Plain radiography and computed tomography (CT) of cervical

Intramedullary cavernoma with extralesional haemorrhage

Naureen Farhan Ahmed, Fatima Mubarak, Nida Sajjad.

Intramedullary cavernomas are rare lesions constituting 5 to 12% of all intramedullary tumours. They are more recognized after introduction of magnetic resonance imaging and detection rates have improved by advance techniques. They may be solitary or multiple or may have a

Late-onset Hirayama disease presenting with ulnar neuropathy: A case report

Meral Bilgilisoy Filiz, Tuncay Cakir, Naciye FŁsun Toraman, Sebnem Koldas DoGan, Iclal Erdem Toslak, Hilmi Uysal.

Hirayama disease (HD) was first reported by Hirayama et al. in 1959. The disease is considered as a type of benign focal motor neuron disease that primarily affects upper limbs of young males. In this case report, we present a man aged 40-years with rapidly progressive wea

Breast cancer in a patient with Kindlerís syndrome

Itrat Mehdi, Bassim Jaffar Al Bahrani, Taha Mohsin Al Lawati, Zahid Al Mandhari, Fatima Ramadhan Al Lawati.

Breast Cancer (BC) has associated risk factors and genetic factors like BRCA1, and BRCA2. Many benign and malignant disease processes are found concurrently with BC and believed to be additional risk factors like gall bladder stones (cholelithiasis), hypertension, diabetes

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Comparison of patientís satisfaction levels in public and private tertiary care centres

Ali Ghazanfar, Ibrahim Nasir Idress, Zeeshan Zia, Nawal Munir, Saania Maryam.

The purpose of our study was to compare patient satisfaction level among tertiary public and private hospitals. We carried out a multi-centre cross-sectional study using Patient SatisfactionQuestionnaire-18 to assess patient satisfaction in a major private and public hospi

A dire need for HIV awareness in Pakistan

Aila Malik.

Madam, Pakistan has followed a similar HIV epidemic trend as other countries in the region and has been moved from the "low prevalence, high risk" category to "concentrated epidemic" with approximately 83,468 people living with HIV at the end of 2013. 1

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Metformin use in renal disease

Muniba Khan, Nadir Siddiqui.

Madam, Metformin is a biguanide oral hypoglycaemic agent approved as first line therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus. Its superiority over the other hypoglycaemic agents stems from not precipitating hypoglycaemia, reducing cardiovascular and all-cause mortality rate,1,2&nbs

Adequate social support as the predictor of patient's quality of life

Dania Javaid, Rubina Hanif, Tasnim Rehna.

Madam, quality of life is acknowledged by specific indicators including the individual\'s physical and psychological wellbeing, level of self-sufficiency, interpersonal relationships, beliefs and their relationship to the outside world.1 The significant threat to any of t

Patient safety practices among nurses - perspectives from Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Aisha Zubair, Anila Kamal, Saiqa Razik.

Patient safety is the foundation of finest health care. Patient safety majorly focused on various aspects of patient care; for instance, professional appraisal, medication precisions, reporting of errors, and information sharing during the transition of patients from one department to another dep

Case Series >>

Upper gastrointestinal tract symptoms are predictors of postoperative large pericardial effusion in cardiac surgery

Muhammad Sher-i-Murtaza, Mirza Ahmad Raza Baig, Haider Zaman.

In this prospective observational study we evaluated the clinical symptoms in patients who presented with early or late significant pericardial effusion after cardiac surgery and underwent its open drainage in our institution. It was a series of 35 patients where the clinic

Nosocomial spondylodiscitis after intradiscal electrothermal therapy: Case series

Vuslat Kecik Bosnak, Ilkay Karaoglan, Ibrahim Erkutlu, Mustafa Namiduru.

Intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET) is a method applied for treatment of pain caused by the disc and involves reaching spinal disc through a catheter under fluoroscopy and solidifying disc interior by heating.
We retrospectively evaluated ten patients treated

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The need for dietary guidelines in Pakistan

Romaina Iqbal, Saman Tahir, Naveera Ghulamhussain.

Diet is one of the most important contributors to health and disease. Developing countries such as Pakistan are facing a growing epidemic of under nutrition resulting in stunting, wasting and micronutrient deficiencies in the population. This severe situation of under nutr

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Short-term outcomes after hepatic resection ó perspective from a developing country

Saleema Begum, Muhammad Rizwan Khan.

To review the early outcomes of hepatic resection at our hospital.
This study was conducted at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, from January 2008 to December 2015, and comprised patients who underwent hepat

Present tendencies of elective caesarean delivery in Romania: Geographic, social and economic factors

Cringu Antoniu Ionescu, Liana Ples, Mihail Banacu, Elena Poenaru, Eugenia Panaitescu, Mihai Cornel Traian Dimitriu.

The literature review was conducted to identify the causes of the rising incidence of caesarean section (CS) cases in Romania, and to create a database and a measurement plan to quantify the amount of CS on maternal request and the influence of geographical, social and econ

Recent Advances In Endocrinology >>

De-Hearsay (Diabetes e-Hearsay)

Sanjay Kalra, Karthik Balachandran.

Hearsay, or reported speech, is an important contributor to diabetes care related behaviour. Modern modes of communication have thrown up a new form of hearsay, termed e-hearsay (electronic hearsay). We describe the concept of diabetes related electronic hearsay or digital

Primary Care Diabetes >>

Carbohydrate counting-1: South Asian framework

Lovely Gupta, Deepak Khandelwal, Sanjay Kalra.

Carbohydrate counting or "carb counting" is a meal planning technique for persons with diabetes for managing blood glucose levels by tracking the grams of carbohydrate consumed at meals. It has shown to improve glycaemic control and glycaemic variability and

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Role of surgery in brain metastases

Altaf Ali Laghari, Syed Ijlal Ahmed, Muhammad Shahzad Shamim.

Brain metastases remain the commonest type of brain tumour, being four times more common than primary brain tumours. Although surgical intervention may be recommended for one of various reasons in the management of these tumours, including but not limited to conformation of

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Role of sociocultural perceptions in malnutrition of children under the age of 5 years in a semi-urban community of Pakistan

Umme Kulsoom Khattak, Saima Perwaiz Iqbal, Haider Ghazanfar.

To assess the impact of sociocultural perception on the nutritional status of children under five years of age.
This cross-sectional study using a self-constructed questionnaire was conducted at the Shifa Rotary Clin

Pulse oximetry as a screening tool for critical congenital heart defects in newborns

Muhammad Shahzad, Talal Waqar, Khawaja Ahmad Irfan Waheed, Rafia Gul, Syeda Tahseen Fatima.

To evaluate the effectiveness of pulse oximetry as a screening tool for critical congenital heart defects in newborns.
This cross-sectional study was conducted at the neonatology department of the Children\'s Hospi

Molecular characterisation of isoniazid resistant clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Bashir Ahmad, Muhammad Idrees, Kafeel Ahmad, Shumaila Bashir, Saira Jamil.

To investigate the frequency of mutations in catalase-peroxidase and inhibin alpha genes in clinical isolates of isoniazid resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains.
The study was conducted at Provincial Tubercul

Knowledge around back pain and spinal disorders among Saudi patients: A cross-sectional study

Waleed Mohammad Awwad, Saud Mohammed Alfayez, Abdullah Nasser Bin Dous, Qais Abdulmohsin Alrabiei, Abdullah Abdulaziz Altowim, Abdulaziz Saud Almutair, Orfan Arafah.


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